Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Snog ~ Over My Head!

Thanks to Victoria for doing this! Love the snogs! Here's mine:

Over My Head
Contemp, suspense/mystery, action/adventure
m/f, anal play/sex

What happens when two opposites realise they have more in common than expected?

I’m a dancer…and a damn good one. I work at the Silver Steel Gentlemen’s Club. My hard and fast rule? No freebies and no office dating. Except for Slade. Hard, fast, slow, gentle...I don’t care. I’ll take him any way possible. But he’s not that into me.

Or so she thinks. I’m a bouncer at the Silver Steel. Astra doesn’t realise I see her—I can’t help myself. She captivates me every time she’s on the stage. I want her, but I have a...problem. I’m not at the Steel to pick up chicks or even work the room. I’m there to stop the influx of drugs into the community. Yeah, I’m a cop. But if the job means sampling the dancers... Well, as long as I keep my heart out of it, I’ll be fine.

I hope.

Reader Advisory: This book has a kick ass hero, a dancer with all the right moves, hot sex, a little mutual anal play for good measure and mention of drug use.

And here's my snog!

Fear? Hesitation? Slade palmed his gun in his coat pocket. Better to be safe than sorry. Astra dropped her bag on the massive bed and turned. Her hair fluttered about her shoulders. Had it been a different situation, he’d have yanked her into his arms for a thorough fucking.
Her lips parted as she closed the distance between them. She shrugged out of her jacket and dumped the discarded garment onto the floor. Her T-shirt, torn at the collar, slipped off one creamy shoulder. Astra placed her hands on his shoulders and backed him against the hotel room door.
“I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you,” she murmured, her mouth a whisper away from his. “Make me feel alive.”
He didn’t have time to process her words before she pressed against him, chest to breast, mons to groin, and face to face. She licked her lips and placed an open-mouthed kiss to his lips.
Holy hell, he’d waited for this moment. He turned her around, pressing her back against the door and wrapped her legs around his waist. He splayed his hands on her ass. If they were going to fuck, it sure as hell wasn’t going to be up against some cold door. He wanted her in the bed, mussed sheets surrounding her.
Slade sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, thrilled when she groaned. One of her small hands threaded into his hair, tugging at the strands. Fuck. His cock throbbed. He needed her naked. Now. His legs connected with the edge of the bed, but instead of placing her on the mattress with grace, he tumbled down on top of her.
Astra laughed. She fucking laughed as he stood back up and struggled out of his coat. The vixen. “Better not be taunting me, little girl.” He tossed the tangled mass of coat onto the floor somewhere behind him. “I’m not one of those guys from the club.”


Victoria Blisse said...

Love this sory, love this snog!

Bebe Balocca said...

Ooooh, love this premise and excerpt, too. Bulky, hot bouncers are awfully appealing, aren't they?

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

They are very appealing Bebe!!

Anonymous said...

Hot stuff and a great story idea! Looking forward to reading more ;-)

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Thanks Bel Anderson :-)