Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Snoggin' ~ Love Remembers

Time for a scorching hot kiss! Thanks to Blisse Kiss for having the Sunday Snogs. Love them! Today is the Blisse Kiss by the Sea event and even though I don't have a sea faring story, or even one set BY the sea but that's okay. I love posting the snogs and couldn't skip a week! Grin. So which snog am I featuring today? Glad you asked.

I'm featuring Love Remembers. It's not a sea story, but the heroine does cross a stream to get to the hero. Close enough. Check out the other snogs, but read mine first.

available here!

Now about that snog!

“I can love whomever I choose.”

Love? Had she heard him correctly…again? She sucked in a ragged breath. “Gregorius…”

“You are a freed woman in my home.” He rubbed his nose along her cheek. “Yes, the laws state you must be a citizen in order for us to marry, but rules are meant to be broken.”

More tears pricked behind her eyes. “Please do not offer me things I cannot have.”

All her dreams seemed possible…and yet, once Visius learned of her whereabouts, nothing good would come of his actions. “You do not want me as a pallake.”

He placed a kiss to the very corner of her mouth, teasing her. “Ah, your spark, your fire should wound me. Instead, it draws me in.” Taking her hand in his, he nipped each finger then laved his tongue over the soft bites. “Time be damned, I find myself addicted to you all over again, Aspasia.” His kisses trailed down her bare arm. “You have filled my dreams and my fantasies since the moment I saw you in your father’s stall.” His erection stabbed against her thigh. “You may have all of me. I am yours.”

He tilted her chin to crush his mouth over hers. She mewled, wanting him everywhere.

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