Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Snoggin' with Love Remembers

I love a snog where there's rekindled love. Grin. Love Remembers features just such a Sunday Snog. So here's a little bit about the book, where you can get a copy and well, the SNOG!! YAY!

Available at Total-E-Bound.

And here is the snog, because you know you want it!

“I nearly went mad without you.” Gregorius unhooked the pin holding her chiton in place and kissed her bare shoulder. “Atticus knew about you and me. He helped search for the past twelve years to find you. He followed the gossip at the market. I owe him dearly.”

“Gregorius, your brother will see us. And what about Marellus?” She clutched his biceps. The idea that they might be caught bothered her and sent her desires up another notch.

“I sent Marellus to the fountain with Claudius, her favourite guard. Darius cannot hear us in the house. But I do not care about them.” He slid her hair off her neck and placed nips along the sensitive skin. “I care about the woman in my arms.” A groan rumbled low in his throat. “You serviced me at the Symposium, but you are also the only one to gain my love and trust. You knew me as a child and a man. My beloved, you are in my soul.”

“I cannot be your wife.” She wanted to be. Goddess, she wanted every last bit of him as her own, but the laws of Athens dictated that he must marry the daughter of a citizen, not a lowly daughter of a metic—a tradesman.

“I will take no other.” Once he had tugged his tunic up over his head and tossed it on the seat of the bench, he pulled her higher on his thighs. “Let me show you.”

Her folds rubbed his length, sending shivers through her body. “I want you so much, but I am afraid.”

“Nothing to fear, my love. You have me.” He cupped her face and feathered a kiss onto her lips.

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