Friday, May 4, 2012

Blisse Kiss Spring Fling ~ When You're With Me

For my part in the Blisse Kiss Spring Fling, I thought I'd feature my novel, When You're With Me. Why? There's a new blossom of love in the book and well, it's fun to have love in the afternoon. Grin. I love doing the Blisse Kiss Events. So much fun. Want to win a copy of When You're With Me? All you have to do is leave a comment with your name and email. It's that simple. Here's the link to Blisse Kiss so you can read more kisses!

When You're With Me
Contemp, Suspense/Mystery, Action/Adventure, Men in Uniform
M/F, mild bondage, spanking, Voyeurism
Available here!

A topless dancer plus a cynical cop doesn’t equal a lifetime love...or does it?

There’s more to Jude Nelson than just a sequined thong. She has big dreams of becoming an artist. There’s one tiny wrinkle in her plan-she’ll never forget the bloody image of her friend’s battered body in the dumpster.

Who can a nude dancer turn to for help? Certainly not a hardened undercover cop...

Detective Drew Alwyn is on the case to find out who murdered his good friend and fellow officer. But the moment he sees Jude, he can’t look away. He has to decide which is more important-his dedication to his job or the girl who holds his bruised and battered heart.

Will these two opposites come together to solve the case or will their desire consume them?

Reader Advisory: This story contains scenes of bondage, mentions of drug use by secondary characters, silk, sequins and art supplies used in foreplay, voyeurism and a little spanking for good measure.

And now for that kiss!!!

“Your time is up. I need to go.” Her face was ashen and she averted her eyes. Ramon noticed her chest quake.

His chances to gain her confidence dwindled. He held out his hand. “Jude, stay. I asked for this because I wanted you and no one else.” He didn’t want to let her go. She fascinated him and he felt drawn to her body. Ramon shoved the distracting thoughts aside, praying she wouldn’t leave.

Her eyes darted from his to the floor. He could get lost in her eyes, no matter what storms brewed there. He wondered what was going through her gorgeous head. Would she bolt or call the bouncer? He didn’t want her to throw him out.

“I’ll never force you to do something you don’t want to do and that’s a promise, Jude.”

Instead of running, she sat back down on his lap, straddling his heat. Her fingers laced with his. “You’ve got me, Ramon,” she whispered, “for now.”

Ramon grinned but felt a strange sensation beneath his ribs. He didn’t want her for only right now. He wanted her for… No, he couldn’t say it. He didn’t want to ruin it like everything else, especially not with the severity of the undercover operation gaining steam. “Then I’ll count the minutes until I can kiss you, sweet girl.”

Her eyes widened and her lips parted. There was a definite catch in her breath before she leaned into him. He loved that he could make her melt so easily and wondered if she would for anyone. Her eyes closed and a tiny sigh escaped her luscious lips. “Kiss me, Ramon.”

Ramon cupped her face in his hands and brought her lips to his. She had to know how he needed her—wanted her. It was a quick kiss, but it seared his lips instantaneously. The combination of lipstick, mouthwash and Jude nearly knocked him out. Her tongue grazed his lips and he sucked her into his mouth—tasting…enjoying her.

Jude paused one more moment. He could tell she liked it…a lot. She touched his chest with shaking fingers. A groan erupted from her throat and she rubbed against him. Heat radiated from her pussy on to his lap.

“Woman, you’re perfect for me,” he murmured.

“I’m…just me.” Jude fumbled for words and piqued his interest. Ramon assumed she didn’t hear words like that very often. Most women pushed the envelope—Jude exhibited clumsy inexperience. Even with the sexy bra and thick makeup, he could see the little girl inside. This was a woman who had been forced to make hard decisions in order to survive. She had class.

“I want to take you home. I need to.”


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What a great idea for a hop! I love kisses...

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Haven't been by in a while. Love coming to visit. As I am putting together my Summer Reading List, I have to put this one on of course!! My goal is to clear out my TBR, without adding more....Not working so far. Just getting longer. I guess I need to sit by the pool a few hours.
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Great kiss, Wendi. Thanks for joining in the Spring Fling!

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Oh that Ramon is delicious!

Great kiss Wendy!

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Great kiss scene!! Thanks for sharing!!

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Sweet and sexy, I loved it, plus the warning had me smiling.

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