Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flirty Friday - Unedited Excerpt Day!

I've signed three contracts in the past month-ish and I'd like to share an unedited excerpt from one of the contracted works.

So you're probably thinking, three? Gee, she works fast. One I worked fast and tight. One I had lagging around for longer than you'd imagine. The third just sort of happened. Shrug. It either pours or it's a drought.

This is from my novella, Still the One. I'd written the side characters in Ever Fallen in Love but I wasn't sure what I'd do with them. Turns out, they told me when they wanted to talk. Fine. Still the One is a contemp, bdsm, m/f, fem-dom, spanking, toys, rollicking good time. Want that excerpt? I thought you might.

“Janine what are you doing? I wanted to do this to you, not me.” His voice dropped to a whisper. “I please you? Does that mean you think I’m sexy?”

She threaded her arms around his neck, rubbing her groin over his bound hands. “I,” she said between kisses, “am in control of what we do.” She feasted on his lips, licking his bottom lip and swiping her tongue over his teeth. The taste of mint and cola exploded on her tongue. She ground against him, pleasuring herself with his thick fingers. “And I want to do you right here, right now, sexy man.”

Eric moaned and she backed away. Confusion burned in his eyes and colour filled his cheeks. Instead of giving him the lead, she reached forward and unzipped him. Red dusted his face and the tops of his ears.

“You’re not worried someone will see us,” he asked in a hushed tone.

“I’m not.” She pushed his jeans aside enough to stroke his cock through his boxer briefs. “They can’t see behind the car and if you keep quiet, we won’t draw attention.” She worked his dick through the opening in his underwear and smeared her thumb through the precome glistening on the tip of his cock. “Right now, you’re in my hands and my control. You will do what I ask of you.”

He stared at her, but didn’t tell her to stop.

“No coming until I tell you.” She nodded to the backseat. “Lay down.”

Eric glanced behind her, then got out of the way as she opened the door. He fixed his gaze on her and sat down on the edge of the upholstered seat.

Janine gave him a gentle push and eyeballed her work. “Very nice.” She inched the hem of her skirt high enough to give him a tantalizing view of her panty-covered pussy. His mouth opened a fraction of an inch and his eyes glazed as she hooked her thumbs into the flimsy waistband of the undergarment.

“You like what you see?” She dragged the panties down to reveal the top of her pubic hair.

Eric nodded, still quiet.

“You’re doing well.” She wiggled the panties to the ground, then stepped out of them. “Now for your reward.” With her ass in the air, Janine straddled his thigh and rubbed her nose along the thick vein of his cock. “I wore these heels just for you. Do you like?”

He groaned and arched his hips. “Love it, babe.”

“Good. Are you worried we’ll get caught,” she murmured. “That’s the fun. Will we?” She kissed the base of his prick. “Or won’t we?” To punctuate her last statement, she took him deep in her mouth. She used gentle suction as she withdrew and suckled on him again. Salty semen spilt onto her tongue. “You’re on a hair trigger.”

His fists clenched tight and his knuckles whitened. “Been a while.”

Janine pulled back, leaving him slick with spit. “Hush.” She swatted his hip. “No talking or coming until I tell you.”
Should be out in September. Think you can wait that long?

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