Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Strip Tease Tour is Over at Brewing Passion!

Today the Strip Tease tour stops at Brewing Passion. Which is pretty cool because they do serve beer at some strip clubs, so the pairing is perfect. :-) Plus I love Liz Crowe's books. She writes some hot realtors. So come on over!

And while you're at it, I'm hanging out in a couple other places, too. Why stand still when you can buzz everywhere? Yanno? I was over with Maria-Claire Payne yesterday and Monday. Get over there. I'm waiting until Friday to select a winner from the comments. What can you win? A copy of When You're With Me. So head there next.

Then when you think the madness is at its zenith, you're WRONG! Hee hee. I'm also talking about inspiration over at Hitting the Hot Spot. Even have a pic of Joe Manganiello from my short that I really need to finish. Stop by there and give me some comment love. I'd be happy if you did.

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