Saturday, February 11, 2012

With Love, Valentine!

So for the hop today, I'm giving you a taste of my latest release, Over My Head. I've always wanted to write about cops and strippers. This was my chance. Comment on the post and leave your email to get your name in the hat for a pdf of your choice from my back list. Click here or on the banner above to get the next stop on the tour.

Here's a little bit from Over My Head.

What happens when two opposites realise they have more in common than expected?

I’m a dancer…and a damn good one. I work at the Silver Steel Gentlemen’s Club. My hard and fast rule? No freebies and no office dating. Except for Slade. Hard, fast, slow, gentle...I don’t care. I’ll take him any way possible. But he’s not that into me.

Or so she thinks. I’m a bouncer at the Silver Steel. Astra doesn’t realise I see her—I can’t help myself. She captivates me every time she’s on the stage. I want her, but I have a...problem. I’m not at the Steel to pick up chicks or even work the room. I’m there to stop the influx of drugs into the community. Yeah, I’m a cop. But if the job means sampling the dancers... Well, as long as I keep my heart out of it, I’ll be fine.

I hope.

Reader Advisory: This book has a kick ass hero, a dancer with all the right moves, hot sex, a little mutual anal play for good measure and mention of drug use.

And now an excerpt:

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A rush of cold air swirled around her. Odd. The apartment shouldn’t be cold. It should be hotter than the hallway. Astra rubbed her arms and stepped into the apartment. Snow lay glistening on the windowsills and window seat. She tipped her head. Who had opened the window? She shivered and glanced at her things. The couch remained in its place, but the cushions were askew, some on the floor. Her plants—a collection of spider plants and ferns—weren’t in their pots. Dirt splattered around where they had once sat.

Occasionally sloppy, she never left the apartment a total shambles. Who else had a key? Her stomach clenched and she couldn’t breathe. Tiny.

She needed to get out. Needed to run. She turned on her heel and ran smack into a wall of solid flesh. The person grabbed her by the arms—a man, she assumed , based on his size and the tangy scent of his thick cologne and body odour. She couldn’t see his face because of the stocking cap over his eyes.

“Remember the rules,” the man growled. “Quiet girls are safe girls.”

She nodded, afraid to do anything else. The man raised a gun and aimed the weaponit at her. The blood drained from her face and pounded through her veins. Now she needed to run and hide, but hell…her feet wouldn’t move. A strangled cry ripped from her throat and the thunder of gunfire ricocheted through the apartment.

Astra dropped to her knees.

“Don’t fuck with Tiny or I’ll do more than destroy your shit.” The man slapped the butt of the gun against her cheek.

She closed her eyes as the room faded to black.

All I wanted to do was be home….


Unknown said...

Hello Wendi, I was checking out the Valentine's day hop and noticed you were on the list. I love the excerpt and by the way I kind of. like the stripper theme but not so much the cops, unless they are good looking female cops... I would love to win a copy of your book. Thanks a lot. I hope you have a nice Valentine's day, as well.

RoyalCheryl said...

Your book sounds like a Winner. Strippers and Cops what a Combo. Thank You. Happy Valentine's Day!

Savannah said...

Hello Wendi thanks for the chance to win!!!

JoAnna said...

Sounds great! Thanks for the giveaway!
beckerjo at verizon dot net

desitheblonde said...

i am doing all 3 at one time and hope to make ti thorugh them for the gift and books for my bd on the 18 of the month i have to say hot book and look gret

Unknown said...

Wow... Hot!

Pam S said...

Hi Wendi ty for the giveaway hops! Over My Head sounds like a hot read.

pams00 at

Shannon Leigh said...

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

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Cornelia said...

Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for the giveaway.

Unknown said...

Thanks for being on the blog hop. I love learning about new-to-me authors. And the excerpt... I am in!!! Definitely going on my TBR list. Thanks!!


ParanormalRomanceFan said...

Hello Wendi,

Thank you for taking part in Drea Becraft's Valentine's Day Blog Hop.

Congrats on your latest release, “Over My Head”. I just LOVE stories about Cops, my Hubby has been one for over 30 years & still is…although I’m not a Stripper….only play one in the bedroom, WoooHooo. I’m just sooooo Bad!!!

I just LOVED the Excerpt for “Over My Head”. It sounds like it’s gonna be one SEXY, HOT Read, a lot of Erotic Teasing going on & an added twist because things are not what they same when it comes to the characters.

Astra is a dance at the Silver Steel Gentlemen’s Club. Slade is a Bouncer at the Silver Steel, or so she thinks. He’s a cop there to stop the influx of drugs into the community. But she captivates him, he wants her & she wants him! This is one Book I HAVE to pick up, it’s a MUST Read!

I would very much appreciate the opportunity for a chance at a pdf choice from my back list. Thank You.

Take care & Happy Valentine’s Day,
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)

valentina said...

Thanks for the chance to win something and discover a new author!!

Shadow said...

Sounds so good! Id love to read it! Thank you sharing and for the great giveaway! Happy Valentines!