Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gettin' Naughty After Dark!

It's time for a hop! Heck yeah! And we get to be naughty! Now I don't know about you, but one of the people who come to mind when I think of the word NAUGHTY is Betty Page. She was sexy and doing her own thing when others were being prissy. To this day, she embodies the sexy pinup. So I thought for my Naughty post today, I'd riff a little bit based on this picture of Betty. Here goes...

Welcome. Mind if I give you a poke? No? Well, I'm blushing. Not really. Very little makes me blush lately. I've become what you might call jaded to most things. Very little shocks me, but it's all naughty. How did I get these wings? One night with a vampire that got kinkier than we thought possible. The horns and tail? Snicker. Latex and leather. They went with the costume and I just had to have them. The crop? The better to mark you, my dear. If you're interested in playing, you know where to find me. If I want to, I'll grant you access. If.

I hope you liked that little riff. It's not much, but it was fun trying to write from her POV. Now for the good stuff, the linkys below are those you should click to keep following the hop. And now for the really good stuff. Want to win one of the naughty books in my backlist? Here's what you've got to do: leave a comment about the post/riff that includes your name, your comment, AND your email. I can't contact you if you win if you don't put your email. So go forth, comment and blog hop!

And don't forget to patronize these blogs as well to keep hopping: Close Encounters with the Night Kind Blog link Natasha Blackthorne's blog link


Nay Nay said...

Wow. I can't believe I'm the first to post a comment. :}
Loved the riff, but it would have been even better if it was from a HOT mancandy. LOL

I love these hops. What a great way to discover new authors/blogs and visit with old friends.
Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win such a fantastic prize! <^_^>

Natasha Blackthorne said...

Great riff, Wendi. It really sounded like her speaking. Thank you so much for getting naughty with us. :)

Shannon Leigh said...

Awesome riff.

author_shannon_leigh (at) hotmail (dot) com

Shannon Leigh

Ronda Tutt said...

Awesome hop and giveaway, I liked your little riff, that was cute and I like you must be jaded too.

The riff kind of reminded me of her being like a bad little red riding hood - hee hee, I think I like the idea of little red riding hood being 18 and being naughty with the big bad wolf - LMAO!

Your a new author to me but I'd love to read any of your work, sounds like they are right up my naughty alley - LOL

Have a wonderful day and thanks for the giveaway.

Ronda Tutt

Cathy M said...

She is like the original bad girl, and the riff was so spot on, Wendi.

Cathy m
caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Great riff! Fit her to the T!
Love the description of how she obtained all of her gear-lol

Great hop thank you a chance to win!


Rhonda D said...

Thanks for the riff! It was great. Too bad it wasn't from a hot devil though :)
Rhonda Dennis

JeanMP said...

Great riff, really good description
skpetal at hotmail dot com

desitheblonde said...

the book is hot and the hop is getting hotter and then i like thet

desi the blonde at msn dot com

Nenna said...

These hops are awesome! I would love to win :P

Pauliina O

mimirose41209 said...

thanks for participating in this blog hop!

I love the fact that Betty speaks her mind !

mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

Barbara said...

Great riff, Wendy...I like the idea of adding a naughty wolf slavering over you into your pic. Thx for the giveaway op!

barbbattaglia @

Vanessa N. said...

Great riff. So cool. Thanks for the chance.

Susan W. said...

Great riff!

Andrea I said...

Loved the riff! I'm enjoying this hop.


Ashley Applebee said...

Loved the riff!! Thanks for joining the hop!
Ashley A

DawnM said...

Great picture to use, Wendi and your riff went really well with it.



Anne R said...

Love the riff..she sounds sassy!!!
Thanks for the great giveaway.

I am having fun hopping along and meeting new authors and sites to follow.

areeths at new dot rr dot com

Unknown said...

Hi Wendi... I am still a little bit shy but I am sure I could learn to let go with a little help....

Patti P said...

Thanks that got me to smile. I love hops but I may not have time to make all of the stops.
Thanks for participating.

musicalfrog at

Unknown said...

Betty is timeless. Great job with the riff. Everytime I start another blog hop, my wish list groans, but I just can't stop myself.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at
Kathryn Merkel

Unknown said...

Love the Riff. I read it to my hubby...He asked, "Where's you outfit like that?" I think I will be busy tonight! Thanks.
Thanks for being on the blog hop. I am getting some great books for my TBR.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Great wiff I enjoyed reading it :D


alicia marie said...

loved it! i also love that i'm coming across so many new authors on this hop : )

alicia marie
ame1184 at gmail dot com

JoAnna said...

That was great. This is a fun hop.

beckerjo at verizon dot net

latishajean said...

Thank you very much for taking part in this blog hop! Thanks for the chance!
Latisha D

Julianne said...

I loved the picture. I'm not familiar with her, but I enjoyed the riff. Thanks for the chance to win.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

Krysykat said...

Betty Paige is epitome of naughty.


Reading Mind / The Loyal Book said...

nice riff! would love to win!

alaisgirl at libero dot it

Mary @SweepingMe said...

Great Riff! Thanks for getting naughty! ;)

mary_reiss @ hotmail . com

Anne said...

I agree with Nay Nay about the mancandy.

Gabby said...

Nice job with the riff! It definitely sounds like something she would either say or write.

I love these hops they just keep getting better and better!

VampedChik said...

Awesome Riff! Loved it! Thanks so much!
goodblinknpark @

Eva's Flowers said...

Oh that sounded fun! Thanks for sharing and for being part of such a naught Hop. It's great getting better acquainted with you authors who write hot, sexy and of course naughty stories :)


Gwen LTP said...

Oh, Betty, naughty and improper. Love it.

Shadow said...

Great riff! You definitely nailed her character! :D Thanks for sharing and for the fun giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I actually thought it was an excerpt from a boon before you said you wrote it (: I liked it! Thanks so much for the giveaway.
kayla.s.graham at gmail dot com