Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yanno, I've Been on a Kick...

I've been on a kick about reviews. And the more I thought about it (DH calls it obsessing), the more I've come to this conclusion.

I'll never make everyone happy.

Whether its the length of the book, the amount of time a character does or doesn't happen to be in the book, the amount of sex high or low, the degree of the sex - hardcore or softer, or my vampires breaking the time-honored vestiges of vampirism... I'll never make everyone happy with my books.

And as much as I'd like to have lots of five star reviews and glowing comments on everything, I'm okay with what I write being not popular. I'm honestly okay with it.

Why? Because I like what I write. I wouldn't knowingly write something I think is garbage. The characters are what they need to be and interpreted through my head. I'm okay with this.

How'd I come to this conclusion? Enough crying and grousing that 'gee... I don't understand why __________ is ________." Another thing that's helped is actually talking to the readers. Just because the book isn't long enough isn't always the reason it's rated the way it is, but those thoughts get left out sometimes. I'm fine with that.

I've got a reader who loves to email me with questions. LOTS of questions. But it gets me thinking and gets the characters acting. Yep. They get as fired up as the reader does. And it inspires me to do more with them. See? I do listen to my audience.

So if you rate my books, review them or have a thought on them, let me know. You never know. You might be the one who inspires me (good or bad) to write the next book. :-)

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