Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hanging out With Lacey Wolfe Today!

I'm hanging out over at Lacey Wolfe's blog today and featuring Mindy from Someone Like You. If you haven't read the book, well, here's the blurb:
She’s the one he wants, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Arran Mayes-Confirmed bachelor. Loves a good bottle of wine, hearty conversation and men. Determined to open his own pizzeria, he’s not looking for love or a woman.

Then he sees her. Can a tomcat playboy settle down in the arms of a good woman?

Mindy Dawson-She’s not interested in relationships or dating after having been through the wringer more times than she can count. Attending college is for a BA...not an "MRS" degree.

Until she sees him. Is she woman enough to tame Arran’s ways? Or will their love affair burn out before it gets started?

Reader Advisory: This story contains lovers who didn’t know they connected, finding their mutual satisfaction with anal sex and a few toys for fun.

Click here to get your copy and click here to read Mindy's post!

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