Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Finally Came to Ohio (for now...)

I got to play outside with my son today. If you know anything about Ohio, that's a major feat for April. We get snow into May on occasion.

Ever heard the phrase, wait five minutes and the weather will change? The person had to have lived in Ohio. Yesterday it rained and was freakin' cold. Today it's in the 60's.

So it made me think about settings for stories. I tend to set mine in the summer or early fall. I love the leaves in Ohio in the fall. The air is warm enough that you can go without a jacket and cool enough to snuggle at night. Then again, i love to set my stories in Ohio in the farming region. Go with what you know? Right? Since I grew up smack in the middle of the state surrounded by soybean fields, it's not a big stretch.

And why not? Sure, Ohio can be boring. So can everywhere else. We have pot holes in our roads, some are only gravel, and many towns with less than two traffic lights. Many of our factories are shutting down or are completely closed. We have streets filled with yesteryear just begging for someone to come along and restore it.

But we also have heart and the know-how to make it on our own. We can survive and flourish and make a few too many babies. (Hey, the winters get darn cold and icy, so there's not much left to do at that point in the year.)

What does that leave you with?

A snapshot of America and where I came from. There's nowhere else I'd rather live (unless I could get a vacation home in, say, North Carolina, around Charlotte, Hickory, or Welcome... but that's race country, so that's why I'd vacation there.).

Now that my afternoon ramblings are through. I have a vampire novel to piece together.


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