Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ever read a book you totallty looked forward to and found out at the end that it was BORING? Or what about the one you sorta kinda put off because you thought, gee this one's gonna be a snooze?

Okay, i admit it. I read A LOT. The more the better. Shh... don't tell, but I've been known to read the shampoo bottles and chemical compositions of toilet paper when extremely bored. So it sounds dumb. Don't' say you've never at least thought about skimming the silly wording all over the toilet paper packaging.

Right, well that proves I have way too much times on my hands, but it also proves that I can withstand almost anything.

I recently received a read that I thought would knock my socks off. Really looked forward to it. Turns out that the characters argued for 3/4 of the story and the HEA was a bit forced and squished into the last 5 or so pages. I felt like the author was so absorbed in making the reader feel the anger of the characters that the actual story was forgotten. Oh, sure... it mirrored real life very well, but in the same vein, I read romance to get away from boring and mundane. Not to say I don't like a real story about real people. Some of my fave heroines are 5'2" with 20 extra lbs on their bodies.

Maybe I built the story up too much in my mind. Maybe I never gave it a chance.

What do you think? Ever read that one really boring book (and I don't mean required reading for English class - if I never read Silas Marner again, it'll be too soon). Let me know!


Unknown said...

Yep. I've run into some boring books, too.

Hang with me. I'm planning to do a lot of critiquing and editing this weekend. Tomorrow night if the kids don't wear me out at take your son and daughter to work day tomorrow. Both my youngest two are going with me tomorrow - pray they don't fight in my office.

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Hang in there yourself! Take your kids to work day! yikes!

Yeah, this book was the pits and it had a really good premise, that's what killed me!

Have fun with the kids and eat too much fast food at lunch. That's part of the fun of kids. Well, and the fact that you can browse the toy section without looking like a dork! : )