Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Check Out At the Skylight with Matilda

Title: At the Skylight with Matilda
Author: Phyllis Levine
Publisher: Wasteland Press
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational
Length: 146 pages
Heat Level: Sweet
Book Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Review by: Wendi aka RaceGirlRWZ


Imagine starting your life in a new country. You learn the new customs and lingo. Just when things get comfortable, you meet the love of your life and turn your happy existence upside down in great ways. Such is the life of Matilda Wiggins in At the Skylight with Matilda.
In the second installment of Matilda’s story, we follow her through the next part of her life. I like that she wants to become more than a nanny. She dreams of attending college to make something of herself. Through Matilda's charm and intelligence, she works through every issue.

Phyllis Levine writes characters that tug at your heart and have you cheering for more. Their problems are ones we all face at one time or another. She also writes with her heart. Who doesn’t love a good story? Ms. Levine’s work shows us that a good story can be a sweet romance filled with hope and honesty. She shows us that it’s a wonderful thing to chase our dreams no matter how far away they seem.
If you’re looking for a fresh voice in sweet romance, then Phyllis Levine’s At the Skylight with Matilda is the book for you. I give this novel 4.5 books.

You can find this work and the other novels by Phyllis Levine by going to or Phyllis’ personal website

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