Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flow in Weird Places

Now that I got your attention with that odd title...

In my household, we fight over who gets to mow the lawn. Sounds silly, right? Not really. We have an oober-cool tractor to mow our 3.5 acres. This is an hour of no kids/pets/spouse time and also a great time to simply let the mind wander. As did mine today.

I began to think about the stories and the crazy (don't tell them that) characters in my head.I wanted to do something with my set of three bff's, Torey, Aaron, and Dylan.

Torey is my primary player at the moment. No he's not a player, but he's the main guy I want to start with. As the grass shot out of the shoot, I thought, why couldn't he start off married to a total girly girl who is the opposite of his outdoorsman type and end up with a woman who cuts grass and does landscaping? But the catch is that they meet at a nice function where they don't know what the other does. Sounded interesting to me.

Now, I don't want the women who end up in the bff's lives to be bff's necessarily. They don't even have to know each other, far as I'm concerned. I just though this would be a cool and realistic way for Torey to get the woman he dreams of wrapped in a package he'd never expect.

As for the others... well... I don't quite have them figured out yet.

Let me know what you think.


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