Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Even More Hot Reads

Thought I'd pass along some more hot reads, but this time for the steamy summer night.

A Body to Die For - Kimberly Raye - Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd. (a Blaze novel) -
Contemporary, Paranormal

What’s sexier than a hunk who builds custom motorcycles for a living? Knowing that he’s a vampire driven by sex. Just what Viviana Darland needs, except that she doesn’t want to want him. Too bad. Garret Sawyer has A Body to Die For and Viviana just might make that choice.

Aussie Rules - Jill Shalvis - Brava / Kensington Publishing Corp. - Contemporary
She’s a pilot who dreams of nothing but flying. He’s a pilot who is determined to make that dream come true – once he takes control of her airport. Bo Black has the deed to the North Beach Airstrip, but Melanie Anderson won’t go down without a fight… or a kiss. Of course, those are the Aussie Rules.

Body Heat - Carly Phillips - Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd. - Contemporary
He’s a cop in need of a little therapy that will heal more than just his body. She’s in a position to fulfill his needs, except that she wants to strike out on her own. Throw in a nosy sister for good measure and a drug dealer out for blood and you have Body Heat.

Flat-Out Sexy - Erin McCarthy - The Berkley Publishing Group - Contemporary
He drives fast for a living. She teaches college courses and raises a family. He never thought he could fall in love. She never thought she’d have to deal with racing again. Things change when she finds out that Elec Monroe is Flat-Out Sexy.

Midnight Cowboys 1 - Midnight Rodeo - Luxie Ryder - Siren Publishing, Inc. - Contemporary Two hot rodeo hunks plus one sultry bar owner equals one hot night in Colorado. Want to learn more? A Midnight Rodeo is where to look.

Sealed with a Kiss - Carly Phillips - Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd. - Contemporary
Take one woman who just discovered her father. Mix one lovesick man and a killer into the story. Shake well and season with unforgettable characters and sparkling dialogue. Finished product: Sealed with a Kiss by Carly Phillips.

The Making of a Country Doctor - Patrice Moore - The Wild Rose Press - Contemporary
When life knocks you down, you can run or you can fight. Dr. Julia Chambers preferred to run from her troubles. When she meets Dr. Ben Taylor in the sleepy town of Jasper, Idaho, she’s forced to rethink that strategy. Such is the story of The Making of a Country Doctor.

Have fun reading!


Anonymous said...


I am Luxie Ryder, the author of Midnight Rodeo. Thanks for the shout out.

Just a heads up to let you and your readers know that Midnight Cowboys 2: Two Cowboys for Christie and Midnight Cowboys 3: Three for the Rodeo are available to buy NOW!

Visit www.SirenBookstrand.com for more info and thanks again.

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Very cool! Maybe I'll get to review them for LASR!

Anonymous said...

WC reviewed Midnight Rodeo this week and gave me a fabulous 5 cherries!

They've already reviewed Two Cowboys so that just leaves 'Three for the Rodeo' up for grabs.

You guys sure stay busy over there!

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Maybe I can get a hold of that one. If it's like MC, then I'll love it. : )