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Chasing Sparks by @meganslayer #freeread #gayromance #vampires #erotic #loose-id

Chasing Sparks by Megan Slayer  

A FREE Read Available from Loose Id
Part of the Battle Scarred Series
M/M, Paranormal, Contemporary, Vampires
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Two vampires have the chance to step into the sunshine without being charred. Most creatures of the night wouldn’t chance losing their undead life for good. But Anders and Galen have heightened abilities. They won’t char. What are they going to do? Celebrate summer, being together, and sunshine. Mix in hot sex under the veil of stars and fireworks…who wouldn’t want to take a step and chase sparks?

©MeganSlayer, 2017, All Rights Reserved
“I love the way you remember and that nice package you’ve got going on.” Anders brushed his nose along Galen’s. He groaned. “According to Kynan and everything I’ve been able to find about us coming to full power, we’re able to walk in the sunshine. I’ve told you that a hundred times. But I don’t want to think about sunshine right now.”
Full power. He stuffed his hands into Ander’s back pockets. Yeah, he and Anders had to get horizontal and soon. “I still don’t believe it. Us in the summer sun.”
“I know.” Anders’s deep voice resonated in Galen’s brain. Anders smoothed his palm along Galen’s chest. “Do you want to give going outside a shot? The sun should set in an hour, so it’s not full-tilt sunshine. Or do you want to stay inside, forget about chancing burning and have scorching sex instead?”
Galen hesitated. Every cell in his body screamed for him to go outside…but sex… He trusted Anders and knew Anders wouldn’t do anything to hurt him, but they were damn vampires. They could die if they stood in the sun. If nothing else, he’d burn…then die. He didn’t want to lose his undead life or his relationship with Anders. If he chanced going outside now…both could happen.
“Gale?” Anders asked. “Hey. I don’t care what we do. I’m perfectly happy to get naked. I’d rather be naked with you.”
Fuck…yeah. But the desire to expand his horizons and boundaries was too strong. “I want to go outside.” He met Anders’s gaze. “I want to walk out there, exist, and fuck.” He pressed his lips together. Goddess. He should’ve kept quiet. Sex outside. Only the shifters did that.
Anders tipped his head, then grinned. “Why didn’t you say so?”
Because he hadn’t realized what he’d wanted until he’d allowed himself to blurt everything out.
“Let’s go.” Anders released him long enough to move away from Galen, then grabbed his hand. “Are you scared?”
“Shitless.” He followed Anders down to the first floor of the mansion, then through the kitchen to the back patio. The sunlight stretched across the grass. The brilliant array of colors nearly blinded Galen. He’d forgotten how pretty the blue of the sky could be. Then there were the rainbows of flowers in the beds. Emerald-green grass stretched out on both sides of the path. He glanced over at Anders, then forced himself to move forward. If he kept walking, he wouldn’t wuss out.
            The heat of the mid-summer day wrapped around him. For the first time since recovering from the zombie virus, he felt warm. He stretched his hand out into the path of the sunlight and gritted his teeth. Either he’d fry or he’d be fine. The sunshine illuminated his pale skin, but nothing scorched. No smoke or fire. He met Anders gaze, then charged forward, fully into the sunshine.

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