Monday, August 11, 2014

Preseason Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback #1

This week we've got funnies from two different preseason games. I didn't get to watch the Patriots and Washington live, but I did see the Browns and Lions live. What a game! I'm not sure if I'm on the Manziel bandwagon, but he did play a good game when he was in. are the funnies from those two games, but first the honorable mentions from the Hall of Fame Game!

"Hand over the left side."
Because he's already worn out the right side.

"Follow the fullback and good things happen."
Well, all righty then. Following him.

"Gone to bigger backs this year."
For?  Hope it's worth the hassle.

"Who will be their opening day tight end?"
Sounds like making up the roster for a kink club.

"Likes that hard upper game."
Wonder what upper game he refers to? Spanking? Clit play? Just wondered.

"Good, tight coverage."
Snicker. Tight is good.

And now for those funnies from Preseason week #1

"Someone has to emerge."
For what? Details, please.

"Brings poise to the game."
First thing I thought of was incontinence.

"Works him on the inside and he always him inside."
Sounds fun!

"Bush couldn't bring it in."
Well...then try Dick.

"Just got it off."
Was there a wait?

"Great coverage for the back end."
Rubbers? Or special lube?

"Stuffed that."
Now that sounds like something a guy would say at a bar when he's trying to decide what woman to take home. Yes, it's stereotyping. I admit it, it is.

And now for that storied Doozy of the Week. We're back to the Doozy of the Week since I've got more than one game to pull from. Here it is:

"Rolling right and fires way down the field."
He's got power behind that shot. Nice. Bet he makes a big mess when he fires.

The Bengals didn't win the first preseason game, but it was close...41-39. Close unfortunately doesn't get you into the playoffs, but this is preseason and they are still trying to figure out who might make the team on the second string. We've got a shot. Go Bengals!

Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0
via Wikimedia Commons

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