Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Okay, I'm the first to admit I love television. From those cheesy countdown shows on VH1, the Seven Ages of Rock (Brit Pop is my fave because it's all the old Oasis tunes I loved in high school) and then there's my cop dramas (look at my eye candy if you doubt): CSI: NY, CSI:MIAMI, & Law and Order (the original). Yes, I have a thing for Jon Togo and Jeremy Sisto (who doesn't?). Did I mention my NASCAR fetish? Yeah, I'm hooked, big time. And if the race is on dirt (mostly late models), I'm there.

Kooky, probably, but everyone needs a few loose screws in their lives...

But I must also add that there are a couple new shows coming on that grabbed my interest. Mental looks interesting. A little chaotic (but no worse than ER). I'm interested in The Listener, too. Looks different. Might have promise.

One thing to keep in mind, I watch TV while I write and I never get to watch my favorite shows the actual night and time they're on. DVR! Either the family starts a line of never-ending questions or I can't concentrate. Go figure. (Watching a movie on my own RARELY happens...)

So what are you watching? Let me know!

(And yes, I'll stop with the puns...)


Clare Revell said...

Mostly what I watch isn't on right now lol.

I loved Law and Order: UK - Jamie Bamber!, Earth Final Conflict - Robert Leeshock - was being repeated, now I'm trying to find it on DVD pref cheaply. Dr Who, The Apprentice, Inspector Lynley, SG1.

Usually I find something I really like and it gets cancelled.

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

I agree. I loved Jeremy Sisto in Kidnapped and they cancelled that after only one season. Go figure.

Don't know if you all stillget this but I loved Are You Being Served? LAughed my behind off. Met Mr. Lucas once.

But now my interest is piqued... Law and Order; UK... hummm... might have to check that out.

Clare Revell said...

its no longer showing here. just hope they decide on a second season.