Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Argh! The Arm Won't Attach!

Okay, now that you looked at the post... no I'm not going into anatomy (unless you want me to). Ever have that moment when you know where the story should go, but you just can't seem to make it happen (or as one TV character said "make it so")?

I'm so there.

I have a WIP that's been rolling around for a while (Yes, Ash, that one) and I need to fix it. Well, by fix it, I mean I need to add more conflict (it had a great love story, but not enough conflict). I also need to beef the characters up a bit. True, you can't really make a sexy cop any sexier, simply because he's a cop, but you can give him little nuances that draw the heroine to him. Then there's the converse - the little things that draw the hero to the heroine.

I read recently that she can't be perfect to the point of boredom. I agree. Who wants to read about the perfect woman? Well, not me. I want her to have a bit of cellulite, a bad hair day that never ends, or the ability to fumble a sexy line because she's nervous. Why? Because it makes her human. Same for the guy. He can look like a Jeremy Sisto, but if he's so perfect that he's Check Spellingunbelievable, the there you have it - he's unbelievable.

Ah, but I ramble and stall. So back to my WIP and hopefully I can get a bit done so when my crit partners come back with the other WIP's I can get them submitted and get something going.



Tina Gayle said...

Hi Wendi,

I can't find your email address.
But you have a won a copy of my book Pregnancy Plan.

Please email me and I'll send you the free book.

Tina Gayle

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Thank Tina! I look forward to reading it!