Monday, June 29, 2009

Stopping to Enjoy the Bones

My son loves dinosaurs. Doesn't every 6 yr old? Yes, he LOVES dinos.

What did we do? Visited the Natural History museum to check out the T-Rex and Triceratops bones. It was fun, he squealed and explained that the dinos come to life at night time (Thank you Night at the Museum) and that they liked to play fetch.

I think my favorite part was to people watch. Folks of all walks of life go to the museum to learn about the past. It's pretty neat to see the stuff critters that you wouldn't normally see in your backyard.

Some children were on leashes, others wore shirts to match their folks. Many parents spent most of the time on their cell phones and a couple texted as they wandered.

I felt rather bad for them. They're missing out on so much. Yes, some of the pictures are a little faded, and some of the animals are a bit creepy in their poses, but there is a lot to learn at the museum: where we came from, where we're going... and what we can no longer appreciate in person.

Ah well. Enjoy the bones, soon they could be yours. : )

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