Friday, June 19, 2009


Covers, oovers everywhere...
And don't 'cha just want to stare...

No I still don't have my cover for Right, but I'm not bummed. I actually thought I'd celebrate some covers I think are really hot and (although some might disagree) beautiful. Yes, I think cover art can be beautiful. Have you ever been to the book store and saw a book and thought: I wonder if I'd like that book? I have. The first thing I do is look at the cover. If the cover catches my eye, then I'll pick it up. If the blurb on the back doesn't draw me in... well... that's another problem for another day. But once in a while, I've picked up a book that the blurb didn't draw me in, but the cover did and I found a new favorite.

The look must be classic and unfestered by lots of extra stuff, like things in the background.
Simple is beautiful.

So here are a few of my favorites... and yes, I can be swayed by a hunk on the front.
If you ever get the chance to read Kimberly Raye's Vampire series published by Harlequin... I highly recommend it. This guys is the first cover and the rest are on the same par.
Ooh la la!

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