Thursday, November 21, 2013

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - WEEK ELEVEN (On Thursday!)

We battled the Browns and came out on top. The first quarter looked pretty questionable, though. Still...a win is a win—even if it’s dirty.
Now, let’s get to those Honorable Mentions!
“...Stuff him at the line of scrimmage...”
Is he a turkey?
“...Slack formation on this play...”
Hmm... I guess that puts a new spin on tightening up.
And now for the Quotes of the Week. Some of these are real winners.
“...Could not punch it in...”
Just sounds wrong. And painful.
“...Return game a real concern...”
So you’re saying there won’t be a second date?
“...well-executed play...”
Good. I’m glad to see he’s recovered.
“...totally not open...”
They should make signs for this. Let people know what they are getting into right away.
“....Would like the glances of Nicks...”
Well, yes, We’d all like some attention. Grin.
“....Big Body Control...”
The big ones are the ones you need to keep an eye on. Always worth it.

Now for the Doozy of the Week. This was said on national television and I still can’t believe it.
“...Not good in the red zone....”
My question is... which red zone are you referring to? Muwhahaha.

Stay tuned for the quotes from Week Twelve. The bye week is this week and we need the rest. Thanks for reading and Go Bengals!!

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