Monday, July 4, 2011

Peer Review For Please Remember Me!! I'm Squeeing!!!

Please Remember Me
by Wendi Zwaduk Reviewed by Sam Crescent

Please Remember me is a story about a young woman trying to discover who she is and gain her independence.

Jaden Marie is twenty three years old, has a very precarious past, a bad relationship with her father and just wants to be left alone to discover the woman she was meant to be. For years she has been living a lie, making sex tapes and living the high life where she didn’t care about anyone.

When she meets Deputy Marlon Cross, he makes her want to be a natural woman. She wants to be loved and wants to love someone in return.

I do not want to delve too much in discussing the main story line. The book speaks for itself and talking about the plot would ruin the experience of reading every single word.

Every page deals with Jaden and Marlon moving past their insecurities to find the love they truly feel for each other. Their relationship is filled with twists and turns but all of it is worth the roller coaster ride to the end.

I found this an emotional book to read. Any woman who has spent time wondering who the hell they were, will be able to relate to this book. Wendi Zwaduk really works on the emotions and describes the character’s fears and hopes wonderfully. The relationship was brought together beautifully, each scene working together into a wonderful ending.

There were moments that made me laugh and then made me want to cry, I got angry and sad. Please Remember me is a must have and I highly recommend this to anyone.

Thanks!!! Love It!!

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