Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday Flirts....on Saturday!!!

Ok, so the TEB sale is over...I know, I'm sad, too. I mean, who doesn't want to get stuff on sale? Anyway, I hope you got in on the fun and nabbed a few books you didn't have otherwise. I should've written a Friday Flirt yesterday, but I got a little excited. I mean, it was a sale!

So...what's happening...

I've gone back and revisited a few of my older WIPs. Yep, I've got some stories that are literally sitting on the hard drive...sitting. So, I happened to be talking to my CP about them. One of them said, you wrote a stripper story...why haven't I seen it? and the other CP says, yeah, and why am I not critting it? It's done. It should not be sitting. They both had a point. I mean, stripper is a side story to the Right and PRM books. 9k more and it'll be the same length. I sent it to CP. She gave me some food for thought and I'm working on that. In case you're wondering, Stripper is tentatively titled When You're With Me and is about Detective Drew Alwyn and Jude Nelson. I've been kicking it around for over three years, so yeah, it's been around a while.

The other WIP that I got back out is one that's from Ancient Greece. Now, this one I snipped a bit out and used for a short on Whipped Cream. It's titled Addicted. Will I keep that title? Dunno. But it's a nice and short story with lots of heat. We'll see what the CP thinks of that one. So far I've been told it grabbed her from page one. Shrugs.

I've got news to share but I'll wait til Monday since it's Saturday and I want to be certain before I share.

Still waiting to hear about a couple of subs, so we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Happy Saturday, stay cool, since it's blazing hot here in oHIo, and happy writing.

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