Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Moans ~ Berto and Remi... Because YOU Asked For It

ACK! Berto! Man, we forgot to post today. I'm telling you, we'd forget our heads if they weren't attached.
To each other.
But you like it.
Well, Wendi gave us permission to chatter on her blog, so here we are. I am the fantastic, wonderful
And handsome
Handsome, Remi Wayne!
And I, am the charismatic...suave
Oh for heaven sakes, he's Berto Katz.
Fine. Anyway, Miss Wendi gave us free run of her blog. I must say it's pretty. I like the red and black.
Yes, it is pretty. Now, if you read What Might Have Been then you probably read about us. I can see the wheels turning in your head. We've had lots of suggestions for our own story. Well, maybe.
Maybe, my buns. We're going to get our own story. She can't possibly make us wait forever.
Well, she can...
She won't. I have faith.
You also have a nice ass.
Can't you tell we've been together for too long? And thank you. I do have a nice ass.
We do have our eye on a certain cover model, but I happen to know he's in a relationship.
So are we.
But if he asked, I'm pretty sure we'd probably trip over each other to get to him. I mean, Chris is hawt.
We'll put another bug in Wendi's ear to get our story written. See ya!

By Berto. I'll be along in a moment. (checking to make sure he's out of the room) Since he's gone, I'll finish. Yes, I'd like to clarify something. First, yes, Chris is hot, but he's in a relationship and so are we. Second, I'm not in the habit of sharing my partner. I had to do that once before and it just about tore my heart out. Third, Remi is all I want. But, as Berto would say, I'm letting my emotions run away with me again. Oh well. We'll see what Wendi comes up with. As long as she writes us ending up together.

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