Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So he's done....

He? He who?

OH, you want to know which he I refer to. Hee hee.

I'm talking about my Greek. Yes, I finished the first draft of his story. It was sorta hard because I didn't use contractions because I have no idea how Ancient Greeks talked and though I'd suppose they used contractions, it didn't sound right. Then again, I never really thought stories set in say, Ancient Rome sound right when the antagonist uses the word F**k. Did they actually use that word? If someone can prove they did, I'll amend my statement.

Anyway, so the first draft of my Greek is done. The challenge in him was not only to keep away from the contractions, but to actually write a historical. I've been infatuated with Ancient Greece since college when I took a whole bunch of Greek Art classes. Thankfully that group of folks bathed and used razors. You'd be surprised who in history chose to forgo baths and hygiene. ::Shudder::

But I need to get back to him and fill his story out with world building and some more of the five senses.

Then I'll try to tackle the idea for the follow-up vampire story and the next story in my Besta Pizza series. Oh yeah, I can't turn off my brain even when I want to.

But I'm off for now. I need to get a couple of other things done.



Megan Slayer said...

Good for you, love.

Might have to pop over and finish the mistress... what do you think?

Kaily Hart said...

Congrats! I also loved ancient history. You don't see too many novels set in ancient times, but yours sounds fascinating!

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Thanks, Kaily and Megan. I hope to get it up to par soon and to find it a home. We'll see.