Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter!

Thinking about what Easter symbolizes and realizing that people have better things to do on a holiday rather than read a blog, I thought I'd babble for a bit.

Shouldn't surprise you much, me babbling.

But the idea of renewal, rebirth, and second life had me thinking.

If you'd asked me ten years ago what I'd be up to, I'd have told you I'd be a teacher, I'd be making art, and probably single again. That didn't quite happen. Well, I did become a teacher, I did create art for a living, and I am happily a married mom of one. But I guarantee, I'd never thought back then that I'd be a writer. Do I consider myself a professional? I'd like to, but I can't quit my day job. Still, writing has opened up totally new worlds to me and given me a day job I actually love (besides writing and playing mommy). I met some great friends who are my closest friends. I've learned that happiness comes in the form of an email. And an email can be the worst thing in the world. I've found that people only think you are a writer if they can hold your book in their hands. An ebook to most people I know, is just a thingy on a screen. I found that waiting for contracts, edits, cover art, and release dates is just about as infuriating as nine months of pregnancy. Sheesh. I love my Ds, but I thought he'd never arrive. Same thing for my novel. Kinda like him, when I hold it in my hands, I'll know it's real.

But enough babbling for now. You've got things to do and people to see. So do I.


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