Friday, April 9, 2010

Well.... poo

Okay, this will sound like a pity party post. It is, to a degree.

I knew when I got into this industry that writing is subjective and there are a whole lot more tears than joys because, well, you're gonna spend more time learning and producing than contracting.

They (whoever they are) weren't kidding.

Now, you probably remember I subbed my farmer again. This time, I heard from one publisher, who told me the subplot didn't move her. Okay... and she wasn't convinced of the romance, but the writing was tight.

Okey Dokey.

I'm really not pissing and moaning. I'm not. But when I get two rejections and neither one mentions the same stuff... it makes me wonder. What's really not up to par with this story? And how do I figure out what to fix, if anything?

One last thing, Editor said, "What isn't right for one is perfect for another."

Then slip me the name of the one who does, yanno? Just sayin'. And is that nice-speak for, thanks but no thanks?

I know not everything I submit will be accepted. The publishing industry is a competitive, cutthroat industry. So, I knew going in that I had a 3% chance of acceptance. But still, no one said I had to like rejection, even if it's accompanied by great advice.

So back to the drawing board...


Cari Quinn said...

Hugs, Wendi. I don't really have any advice, since it can be so hard to figure out which opinion to listen to if you get differing ones. I hope your farmer finds a home soon...

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Thanks Cari. I needed that. Hugs right back atcha!

Kaily Hart said...

Hey Wendi, don't kick me, but it is reassuring to know others go through these trials as well. I know what Cari means about trying to figure out what advice to follow. I've had pretty good experiences with contests, but have received feedback from them which is totally opposite in nature. Not everyone likes your work and if you have something that's a bit different, it's probably more of a hard sell - until you find someone who absolutely loves it. It likely has a home somewhere, y!u just have to find the right one.