Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Back!

Okay, I really didn't go too far, but I finally got back a bit of my groove. Yes, I figured out what my cop, my vampire, and my farmer want to do.


Oh yes, did I mention that to get out of my blue funk, I started a story about a farmer?

I did.

His name is Sullavan Tanner and he looks remarkably like AJ Buckley on CSI:NY. He's got tattoos covering his arms and shaggy hair - not long, just shaggy. Oh, and he's a burnt out rock and roll guitarist that lost his gig because of his alcoholism.

So who's my heroine? Her name is Marley Lockwood. She's been married once to the man who wasn't her dream. She's now divorced and working for her father on his farm since her mother passed from breast cancer. She's short, got naturally curly dark brown hair, curves, and can sling bales better than the guys she works with.

What's the conflict? He's back from a ten year absence. His career as a musician tanked and now he's picking up the pieces working with his baby sister and brother in law on the family farm.

Oh, and his BIL is his BFF and Marley's older brother. Sully's sister is Marley's BFF and next door neighbor.

To make the farms work, Sully and Marley have to work side by side, but when she gives him the chance he wants, he pushes her away. How can Sully prove that ten years has made him wiser and sure of who he wants -- her.

I love this story because my father is a farmer and I know about baling clover hay.

So now I have three hunks to switch between when I get stuck with one or the other.

Toodles for now. I'm on a roll! : )


Marianne Arkins said...

Is it weird that "Marley Lockwood" made me think of Robin Hood? Kind of a mix between Maid Marian and Robin of Locksley? LOL...

Unknown said...

You come up with the best plots and past issues for the characters. I also applaud you for coming up with unusual names. I never asked, do you have to search a long time or are you naturally gifted?

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Okay, it's time for a bit of confession since Ahsley asked.

I'm not naturally gifted (Well if you mean by letting dust bunnies and fur ball tumble weeds collect in my house, then yes I am very gifted), but no. When I come up with names, the characters are usually nameless for at least a day or two once I have the story.

I can thank Kealie for Sully's name. Straight Out of Line, anyone?

As for Marley's name, well I like to have special "pet" names for my characters. What sould Sully name his girl? My Marly just worked.

As for the plot, that's basically how my folks met, they lived across the road from each other and how my grandparents were raised - you worked on the farm until you got your own and when you did, you worked both until you inherited all the land or passed it down to your kids. Needless to say, I didn't have to do much research to know much about tractors. : )

Oh and M? If you can't think of Robin Hood and go so far out of the box, you should hang up your writin' pen. I love it. You crack me up!