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The Chaebol's Wife by Dei Araujo

It's a blurb blitz and there are prizes to be won. Who am I featuring? The Chaebol's Wife by Dei Araujo! Check it out. But I did mention prizes for this spectacular book. What are they? Dei Araujo will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Sounds cool! Want more chances to win? Then follow the tour! You can do that here:

The Chaebol's Wife by Dei Araujo


With the life of her unborn child in danger, Camille Jacobs had no choice but to flee Seoul, South Korea, and the man who made her heart soar.

Four years later, after the launch of her start-up skincare line, Camille is a successful, single mother who has taken the skincare industry by storm. In need of a new sourcing company to meet her clientele's demand, Camille strikes a deal with the devil—her estranged husband, Seung-ju Park, who still leaves her weak in the knees. But is passion enough to make Camille rethink marriage and a life with Seung-ju, or will old problems succeed in destroying her?

Seung-ju was amazed by the passion that roared to life at the sight of his wife. Camille stokes a desire in him that demands to be satiated. As the CEO of IPCorp Industries, a deal to source her skincare line would open the door for him to finally slake his obsession of her and put her out of his mind for good. Yet Seung-ju realizes that just one taste of Camille isn’t enough; he would need an eternity to love her and drink his fill. But a secret threatens to destroy his feelings for her, hurtling them to the point of no return.


Now for an Excerpt:

Camille rolled her eyes, ignoring his comment and the ribbon of desire that curled in her stomach.

The look was adorable, and Seung-ju wanted nothing more than to bend down and kiss her mouth into a smile. She looked stunning this evening. The alpha in him wanted to throw a floor-length coat over her and cover her up from everyone’s view. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that what he once thought was a simple updo, contained gold-cultured pearls woven into the tightly coiled coif. The updo displayed the graceful slope of her neck. His fingers itched to trail its contour. 

“Why were you stalking me earlier?” she asked, cutting a piece of the steak and bringing it to her mouth.

“I was blown away by your beauty,” he said, his voice lowering.

“You’ve been drinking, haven’t you?” 

“I don’t need alcohol to help me see what’s right in front of my face.”

“And what’s that?”

“You. My beautiful wife. In that dress.” 

“Seung-ju.” She slapped his arm and reached for her glass of wine, but not before he caught the sight of a deep blush tinging her cheeks. “Whatever,” she said after a moment. “You practically marked me with that intense glare.”

“I can think of other, more satisfying ways of marking you.”

“Shhh,” she said with a smile. “You’re lucky I don’t have one on me after last night.”

“Be careful of what you say,” he warned. “I just might finish the deed tonight.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Dei Araujo is a multicultural romance author who enjoys reading and writing stories of love where color

has no boundaries. When she’s not writing, she can be found binge-watching Korean and Chinese dramas and anime. She received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism/News Editorial from the University of Southern Mississippi and later a MFA in Popular Fiction Writing from Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA. Dei is a retired Air Force officer and comes from a proud military family. An adjunct professor at Barry University, she’s living out her real-life love story in beautiful Miami, Florida with her soulmate and their boys. 

You can find her on these social platforms:



Instagram: deiaraujo73

Pinterest: @mystibleu73

Twitter: @dei_araujo

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