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The Becoming by Lilith Thorn

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The Becoming
by Lilith Thorn

Niamh is a good wife. She learned early on that crossing her husband had consequences. Living quietly in the shadowed cage he has formed around her, Niamh suffers his secrets and bares the scars they leave behind.

On the night of her biggest humiliation Caleb enters the ballroom changing Niamh’s course forever. He brings safety to her dark world and introduces her to the possibility of escape. Will Niamh’s love for Caleb be the key to her freedom or will it be her undoing?

Now for an interview with the author!

Can you describe your dream home?

The basic requirements for my dream home would be open, light and modern. Size wouldn’t matter as long as the footprint/flow made sense. I’d love something that showcased some creativity. Nothing drastic. Gaudi is safe from any copyright infringements from me. Maybe a cool design combining tiles and wood or art work on the walls. I’d also have an outdoor/indoor shower. Walls that stretch high with no roof, which would mean that the house is located somewhere warm.
The most important part of this dream home would be to have a great community surrounding it. Friends who would come by for a glass of wine by the fire pit, to watch a Friday night movie in our living room or attend birthday parties in our yard.

If we were to come to your house for a meal, what would you give us to eat?
I’m a vegetarian, but my husband isn’t, so there would be a selection of food on the table. We like to splash out and try something new when we have guests, which is the opposite of what you’re supposed to do. The BBQ is a featured appliance at a lot of our gatherings. We’ll often put a rub on some ribs or rotisserie a chicken. Vegetarian options might also start out on the BBQ, but I’m more likely to make something with butternut squash or quinoa. In addition to the mains there is always white and red wine on the table with dessert to follow.

Tell us about the absolute BEST fan letter you have received.
I have never received a fan letter. I have received a few good reviews. My favorites are pictures of people enjoying their copy of The Becoming.

Say your publisher has offered to fly you anywhere in the world to do research on an upcoming book, where would you most likely want to go?
I’ll go almost anywhere. I love to travel. Lately I’ve been wanting to return to Ireland. It’s been about nine years since we were there last and would be lovely to take the kids to show them where we met and where are families are from. Peru and New Zealand are two bucket list destinations I haven’t been to yet, so I’d happily get on a plane and head to either of those destinations.

Who designed the book cover for the book you are touring?

I chose the cover the art, but the graphic designer at Tell Well did the rest.

Now for a Excerpt from Chapter Six: 

I began to remove my clothing, feet first, when I heard the door to the sitting room open. Without hesitation, my guest walked through the room to where I sat. Caleb. I was on my feet immediately, though I had barely taken a step toward him before he had me enveloped in his arms. With both grace and speed, the perfectly made bed and my body collided with Caleb on top.

I was lost to him for what seemed like a moment and forever all at the same time. His hands and my hands both explored the figure opposite them, as if they were making sure the other was really there. Our lips were sealed to one another, tongues exploring as our hands were. My body instinctively pressed itself against his with no desire to be anywhere else. My skirts were bulky, blocking the heat from his body. My corset and Caleb’s weight made it hard to breathe and I was fighting my own instincts to tear into him with every bit of pent up desire that had accumulated since puberty.

Despite all of this, I was elated. There was nothing outside of this moment, only the feel of his lips pressed against mine, his knees pushing open my thighs to cradle his hips against my skirts, my breasts alive and begging for his touch.

The spell was broken when he pulled his face from mine, his hands searching to find a way under my many skirts.

“No hello?” I panted, smiling. Caleb smiled in return while his fingers made their way to a small patch of flesh at the top of my thighs. His hands hung onto my skin, pulsing, waiting for my permission to explore further.

He leaned down to kiss me again, but this time I turned my head away. He didn’t remove his hand from its hiding place, nor did he look hurt, but he paused for a moment waiting for me to tell him to stop. His eyes locked into mine while his fingers slowly circled the flesh they were in possession of, willing to give up this action and move to higher ground if asked to do so.

I did my best to quickly assess what I wanted from him in that moment. There was a strong pull to throw caution to the wind and let him take my virginity right then and there. In fact, my hands had a strong grasp on his buttocks and seemed very unwilling to let go.

With a deep sigh, a reluctant release of his backside and a motion to sit-up, I blurted, “I was going to clean up before I came to find you.”

Better than the “I think I love you” that was on the tip of my tongue, I supposed.

Caleb rolled off me, allowing me to sit. He perched on the edge of the bed and held his hand out to me. “I can help you with that.”

There was a devilish grin on his face. While I had called a stop to our encounter this day, we both knew that the days to come would lead to my undoing.


About the Author:

Born in Dundas, ON, Lilith Thorn is a restless wanderer. Her first move was to St. Catharines where she earned a Theatre degree at Brock University. Despite her parents’ wish that she would return home and work at McDonalds after graduating, Lilith refused and instead moved to Toronto to give acting the ‘Old College Try.’ After years of sacrificing her other passions for the stage and an empty bank account, she put away those dreams to say “Yes” to a different adventure. This took her to Dublin, Ireland for a few years where she met, fell in love with, and married another Canadian who took her to the one place she said she’d never live: Yellowknife. After nearly a decade in Canada’s Great White North, Lilith looks forward to further adventures with her husband and two children, just about anywhere.

Lilith Thorn is a pen name, the pseudonym used to protect the innocent; that is, so she hopefully never has to explain to her mother-in-law over dinner that she has written an erotic novel.


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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

Lilith Thorn said...

Thank you Wendi for hosting this stop on The Becoming's virtual book tour.

Bernie Wallace said...

Do you have any ideas for a sequel to the book?

Lilith Thorn said...

Hello Bernie,

I do have plans for a sequel. I'm at the beginning stages of writing it. I will be the story of Niamh's next chapter in life. The Becoming felt like a prequel while I was writing it, the next book will be a more in depth look at all of the characters.

Victoria Alexander said...

Great excerpt!

Lilith Thorn said...

Thanks Victoria. I hope you get a chance to enjoy the book.

Lilith Thorn said...

Thanks for stopping by Rita. I'm glad you enjoyed this post.