Monday, July 22, 2013

Racing Quotes of the Week

They are back! I got into a spell there where nothing was quite happening the way I needed it to, but I'm back. :-)

Here are those crazy quotes from the race at Chicagoland!

“…Look at him riding the top…”
He knows where he wants to be.

“…lots of ground to cover and not much time to do it…”
I’m sure he’ll do it. He’ll die trying if he can’t.

“…making passes and looking fine…”
Always good to look presentable.

“…he charged right through…”
Got to love a man with a plan.

“…Double wide on the restart…”
Sounds hinky!

“…likes to be fast on the restart…”
Can’t blame him for knowing what he wants.

“…side by side for the top shelf position…”

Ooh! Can we get them to go three wide? A conga line?

Hey, this was a lot of fun. Join me next week with quotes from Eldora!

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