Friday, September 23, 2011

Sad Day ~ Thanks Chuck Collier

I love to listen to the radio. Love it. All the songs I listen to are either on the country station or the oldies station. I know, most of those are older than I am. It happens.

A sad thing happened. My favorite radio personality Chuck Collier passed away yesterday at the young age of 64. I'm really upset about this because there was nothing more fun than listening to the end of Lanigan and Malone to shout "Up next is Chuck--Chubby Chucker--Collier is up next!"

It's silly, but yeah, I looked forward to when he chattered between the songs. It was like listening to a parent figure and he was always there. The second time I went to see Gary Allan, at the House of Blues, he did the intro. I was so excited because I got to *see* the person I'd listened to for years.

Thanks for the memories, the good times and the songs.

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