Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What the? Wednesday...You've Met Your Favorite Author...What Do You Say?

I just went to an author get together earlier this month and I saw a lot of readers wandering gobsmacked. I mean, yeah, their favorite authors are all there and in living color.

Now, imagine've walked up to your favorite author, book in hand, ready to get the holy grail, an autograph. But there's one big problem.

Stage fright!!!

OMG, what the heck do I say to this person who is right up there on the coolest of the cool level? Yes, I've been there and I've been tongue-tied. So what do you say?

How about hi? Some authors can be really stand-offish...just like some people can be. But on the whole, authors are normal people. They like to have people compliment their work. Who doesn't? And if you just say, hi, how are you, loved _______...they'll probably be thrilled. Actually, I can just about guarantee it.

You see, when authors put books out, we know the editors like them enough to have contracted the book. Still, it's nice to have validation from a reader that the book was liked, interesting, and read more than once.

So just be yourself, tell the author you're happy to meet them, that you liked the book, can't wait to read more of their work, or something like that.

As a word of caution: Running up to them, screaming, and saying something along the lines of, "OMG it's _____" might scare them into running the other way.

On a side note: I've started the prequel to Tangled Up, since you asked for it. I'm also working on Gypsy's story. I know, been saying that one for a while. I got a little behind. It happens...a lot...sadly.



Karen C said...

I think that, even with your sage advise, if I ever got the chance to meet one of my favorite authors I'd freeze. I'm not one of those people that can remember who said what to whom or when - I just know that I liked it! Could limit the conversation ....

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Oh I know. When I met Lora Leigh, I was completely speechless. She probably thought I was a mute. When I met Anne Rainey for the first time, I said, You know me, We talk online. She gave me a puzzled look. And duh. I mean, how many people did she talk to online and she's supposed to remember me?

Thanks for stopping by Karen!