Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What the? Wednesday

For the last couple days I've been dealing with a huge issue. A stupid summer/fall cold. At least I think it's that. I have allergies...ragweed in particular. But this is lasting a tad too long for allergies and no matter what I seem to take to combat it, nothing works.

When I say this sucks, I mean it sucks.

My head hurts and my new best friend has become Puffs. I can't seem to get much of anything done, no matter how hard I try. And it figures that I have some big things to get done this week. I told a co-worker that I could easily nab the role of Rudolph in the annual company Christmas play. My nose is literally on fire.

What the heck? I wash my hands, sneeze into my sleeve, and use the wipes to keep the surfaces sanitary.

Ack, brb.

Sorry. Had to run and get yet another tissue. And yeah, I cleaned off the keyboard again. I think I'm going to put my head down for a while and try to take a rest to get rid of whatever this is that's taking my desire to get things done and tossing it in the toilet.

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