Friday, September 17, 2010

Flirty Friday

Megan stopped over today and wanted to know what the heck she should blog about. She's featured over at the Menagerie Authors blog, like she is every Friday. Now this is my Flirty Friday day... the day I generally talk about what I'm writing and what's on the docket. I suggest she does that.

She just winks.


Yes, she's a dear friend, but she's a punk. Twirled a dark curl around her finger, smiled, and winked again.


See if I help her again.

So what am I working on...

Ghost Hunter (currently titled Careless Whisper) has gone to the critique partner. I dunno if she'll be happy with it, or if she'll come back and tell me it sucks. Usually the ones I love are the stories that the CP's tend to skewer. I know, I have more emotional investment in them. It's true.

I need to get back to me vampire Julian. (Why do I feel the need to say, the vampire Armand or Lestat...peculiar) No, my vampire in this story is Julian and his "brothers" Andreas and Vincent. I wrote a story for Whipped Cream which was posted a few weeks ago, but according to Julian, he wasn't done telling me his story. So on it went. I'll get to him very soon.

So much to write and so little time to concentrate when the characters are cooperating.

Back to the old aggravating vampires in the hopes they'll want to work.


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