Friday, October 2, 2009

Red Hot Reads for October Nights - the September edition

I forgot to post this while it was still September. Sorry!

Here are my suggestions for some Red Hot Reads. You won't want to miss these fabulous authors and fun reads.

A Kiss Before Dying - J.A. Saare - Amira Press
Sometimes love is enough to sustain even the frailest relationships. When love is a part of the strong relationships, the couple can survive for all time. There are some novellas that just seem to stay with you long after the last page. A Kiss Before Dying is one of those novellas.

A Witch’s Beauty - Joey W. Hill - Berkley Sensation
Beauty and acceptance are all around, but it takes a special trust, a special love to bring it forth.
Ms. Hill writes an entire complex world within a few pages and draws the reader in from the first word. A Witch’s Beauty is one of those novels that stays with you far beyond the last page. You want to see these characters come together for a greater good, but you also want to see them fight beyond their differences and find the love that will bind them together. While this story may not be for the reader seeking a breezy, fun novel, you won’t want to miss it either.

Getting Lucky - Carolyn Brown - Casablanca, Sourcebooks, Inc.
She’s been burned in love by lies. He’s been burned in relationships by loveless women. What happens when they end up thrown together by fate? She’ll get a run for her money. As for Griffin, he’s Getting Lucky.
Ms. Brown writes witty characters that stay with the reader long after the novel ends. You want to see them fight, laugh, love, and succeed in their lives. You feel a part of the story as well. You can almost smell the hay, corn, and live stock. The details set the mood for the story.

Simon Says Mommy - Kay Stockham - Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
He needs another set of arms in his life. She needs a job and to reconnect with her sister. When he comes into her life offering a solution, what’s a girl to say? Well, read Simon Says Mommy and find out.
Ms. Stockham scores another great story with this novel. We meet yet another of the Tulanes, Dr. Ethan. I loved how the stories intertwined with earlier characters. From page one until the end, I couldn’t put this novel down.

I'm looking forward to the next Love at First Bite by Kimberly Raye, entitled Cody as well as Lora Leigh's Heatseeker and Hot for the Holidays. I can't wait to read JR Ward's new book, Covet: A Novel of the Fallen Angels, Carly Phillips new book Lucky Break, as well as LL Foster's Servant: The Kindred and Carolyn Brown's Lucky in Love.

Have fun and Happy Reading!

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