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JA Saare - Another Author You Should Know!

There are a few authors that come along that are ones you need to read their body of work. JA Saare is one of those authors. She's stopping by today to share an interview for her paranormal book tour. You can follow her at:

J. A. will be giving away a $10 gift certificate to one randomly drawn commenter from the tour and a $25 GC to the tour host with the most comments, excluding duplicates or J. A.’s responses.

Here's her interview. Welcome JA!

1. Describe your writing environment.

My office is referred to as “the cave” by my family. It’s in the corner portion of the basement and is the room that is used for severe weather (think hermit dwellings). My desk is large and curves around the wall. It’s a great thing because it allows me to flip to and from the laptop so I can jot down random ideas or check my email (I prefer to write on my PC). When I start writing, I pull my knees into my chest, get set in my chair, and choose a list from my itunes. That’s how I’ll stay–barring a trip for a drink or the restroom–until I’ve either met my word count for the night or finished my goal.

Since the winter is coming, you can add a blanket to the above mentioned room. I’m terrible about carrying around a blankie when it’s cold. Just call me Linus.

2. Where do you get your ideas for your work?

Most of the time, they come when I’m listening to music. I’ll see a scene in my head, or a character will begin to develop. Most of the time, I try to shirk it, as I have too many unfinished projects as is. But more often than not, I’ll end up writing a brief synopsis of my rambling and appease that inner voice until I have the chance to put something to paper.

3. Which authors do you admire and why?

There are so many! And after discovering how hard it is to do networking, promo, and finding the time to write at all, my respect has risen to the rafters! One author I’ve been supporting rather vocally is Joey W. Hill. I just can’t say enough about the Lady. She writes beautifully, and she is so incredible humble and gracious. I honestly wonder how she does it. She writes such incredible stories, yet keeps in touch with her fans and responds to emails personally.

Another author I love is Patricia Briggs. She writes some amazing stuff, and has done so without gratuitous amounts of sex. That’s not to say sex in literature is a bad thing, but reading work that gives just as much heat using sensuality alone is extremely refreshing. If you haven’t read the Mercy Thompson series, I highly recommend them! There is no sexier male alpha than Adam Hauptman. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a werewolf so badly! The focus is on him as a man that just happens to be a werewolf. Not his equipment. *smile*

4. Any tips or suggestions for new writers?

Most of the things other writers recommend have merit, aka critique groups and online classes. But the generally accepted rule of thumb I abide by is write, write, and write. And read, read, and read. Daily if you can. I recently went back and studied some of my earlier stuff, and it’s just terrible. It’s amazing how a writers mind and style will evolve as they learn and grow.

With that said…

When I started, I went the recommended route by sending off my first story to agents and e-pubs and continued working on my second book. When I finished the second, I started all over again, submitting and starting on the third story in my brain. When I was offered a contract for my first story, I was ecstatic. Then I got an offer on the next. And then on the third…Suddenly I realized those free days and nights of writing whenever the mood struck were long gone.

So my primary suggestion would be to set a schedule now, while you’re fresh in the game. Make sure you allow for free time to take care of promos, blogs, and networking. You’ll be shocked by the amount of work it takes to get recognition. And even worse, at how much time the process of promotion will take from any actual ‘writing’. Being prepared from the beginning will help future frustration immensely.

5. What's your best childhood memory?

When I was eleven years old, my Mom and Dad bundled my sister and I up on Christmas morning and told us we were driving to my Aunt Laura’s home in the county. My parents were rather secretive about it all, saying only that she had presents for us that had to be shared at her farm. When we pulled past the fence and drove onto her property, there were the usual chickens, dogs, and cats scattered about. But just to the right, tethered to the rail my Aunt used when they had the horses saddled to bring in the cows, was this beautiful brown Welsh pony with a big red bow around her neck.

I had begged for a horse as a girl for years (I think that’s fairly common) but I never thought I would get my wish. My Aunt came outside, led me over and showed me my new bridle, saddle, boots, and helmet, and said she was mine. Princess was the best Christmas present I’ve ever received. It’s a very fond memory.

6. Are you a people-watcher? If so, tell us a funny or interesting story about someone you saw.

Okay, if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? *snickers* Born and bred in Alabama, I live in the midst of rednecks, and there is no better place to observe an Alabamian than in their natural habitat–Wal-Mart.

You can find the best and the worst in humanity each and every year on Black Friday when those gates to Hell (aka those electronic doors) swing wide. I’ve seen grown women fight over the last discounted Barbie doll, and men carrying the maximum ten-per-customer boxes with portable DVD players while some poor guy that wants one for his son or daughter is told they are all gone.

On a positive note, the woman that fought over the last Barbie was put in her place when a woman that was purchasing the dolls for her grandchildren removed one of the three from her cart, handed it to the manhandled woman that was left empty-handed, and gave the perpetrator a lesson in manners!

Thanks for having me on the blog, I really appreciate it!

Here's the blurb for her book, Moon Kissed.

When Kassia Lambert wakes in a nice warm bed, alive and intact, she can’t believe her good fortune. She should be dead, considering she was sent head first into brick and mortar. So why isn’t she?

Lycae Adam Trevlian has waited three long years to claim his mate, a human that battles for the Thymeria vampires. After he saves her life, he brings her with him, intent on doing just that. But betrayal and heartbreak is hard to overcome, and even with the kiss of the moon on his side, Adam knows Kassia may or may not forgive his past mistakes.

Moon Kissed Excerpt:

“Back off,” I snarled and started to leap onto the bed, mortified by the memory and my response to him.

His hand shot out, negating my progress. He guided me back against the wall and stood in front of me, his massive body blocking out the room behind him. The scent was stronger with the source so near, swamping me, encasing me, and I had to bite down hard on my lower lip to silence the moan that threatened to slip past. I slammed my eyes shut to block him out in the only way I could.

“Do you want to know who killed Demetrius?” His words, spoken in a husky timbre, were accompanied by his warm breath against my face. “Aren’t you curious?”

My entire body melted at the verbal caress, and a dumb nod was all I was capable of.

“I did,” he whispered thickly, violently. “I ripped out his goddamned throat before I severed his fucking spine.”

My eyes flew open, and I stammered, “W-what?”

Lycae did not get involved with the Thymeria without the promise of compensation. They detested the blood drinkers, thinking them little more than cold-blooded parasites. If Adam killed Demetrius, he would be owed a heavy boon.

“That’s right,” Adam murmured as I caught on, and he brushed his nose lightly against mine. “Since I relieved the Thymeria of their burden, they relinquished what I desired most.”

He pulled away to look me in the eye, and I blurted, “I don’t understand.”

His warm fingers wound into the hair at my nape, twining gently into the thick blonde strands. “The Thymeria knew of my intentions. That’s why they waited until you were twenty-one to send you after their most sought after Fallen. They banked on the fact I would be there, and that I’d kill the fucking bastard if he so much as touched you.” My hitched gasp of surprise amused him. “You shouldn’t be surprised, love. Vampires are shrewd creatures, if anything.”

As he spoke, I found myself moving closer to his enticing warmth, drawn to the cadence of his speech. His lips appeared so full and soft, so tempting . . .

Damn it! I cursed myself, shaking my head to clear my mind and ripping my eyes away from his sublime face to stare blankly at the wooden floor. My body refused to settle despite my best effort. My breasts felt heavy, my nipples going hard as the soft cotton shirt brushed painfully against the agonized flesh.

“Why would you follow me?” I choked out the question in the same instant I thought it. Distraught by the reaction he produced in me. “You made your feelings clear in New Orleans. Nothing’s changed.”

I tried to move to freedom and was rewarded with Adam’s impressive body pressing flush against me. My knees gave out with the contact of his heated skin, and he wrapped a strong arm around my waist to keep me upright.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Kass,” he rasped and nuzzled my neck, sending vibrations along the nerve endings and creating a scattering of goose bumps along the surface. He brushed his mouth against my ear and whispered, “Everything’s changed.”

Our eyes met, hunter green clashing with mushroom blue, and I froze, unable to move as his face descended, coming closer, then closer . . .

His lips were softer than I’d believed them, and far more gentle than I’d imagined. My eyes fluttered closed, and I moaned when his tongue slid past and caressed mine, darting in tenderly before retreating and coming back once more. Already frazzled senses heightened, allowing me to revel in the smell, taste, and feel of him. Eager and wanton hands caressed the hot smooth skin along his back without shame, fingers delving into solid and unyielding muscle.

He pulled away, breathing heavy, and whispered possessively, “You are mine now. The Thymeria have severed the tie and have placed you into my keeping. You’re of proper age to claim and take as a mate, and that is exactly what I intend to do. I’ve waited far too long for you.”

The words had meaning, but they didn’t compute, buzzing through one ear and out of the other. My mind couldn’t fathom anything but the man directly in front of me. I’d fantasized about Adam for so long I wondered if I had died and went to some eroticized version of heaven.

His laugh was rich, throaty, and deep. “You’re not in heaven, love. Not yet.”
More excerpts:
“Lick of Frost”Onyx “The Ice Princess”
Blackthorn has yearned for the nearness of another for two centuries. Cursed after she shunned the advances of a lovelorn wizard and felled him with a cursed blade, she ventures to New Orleans with his coven, desperate to put an end to the isolation that is slowly killing her.
“Soft as Moonlight”
Lycae Wolfe Trevlian returns to New Orleans after a lengthy self imposed absence with one goal – to appease the vampyren harboring a grudge against his kin so he can leave as soon as possible. Bitter memories linger in the Big Easy, memories best left in the past. Fortunately, the agreement with the vampyren is simple – destroy the creature killing off their brethren, and the death of their Master is forgiven.
“Moon Kissed”
When Kassia Lambert wakes in a nice warm bed, alive and intact, she can’t believe her good fortune. She should be dead, considering she was sent head first into brick and mortar. So why isn’t she?
“A Kiss Before Dying”
Katja Morgan has committed the ultimate taboo in the life of a blood slave; she has fallen in love with her master. Vampire Lord Sebastian Arsov is everything she has ever wanted - gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, kind. As their time together nears an end, she carefully constructs the ruse that will allow her to belong to her shellar in both body and soul.But sharing an evening with her beloved comes at a high price - the cost of her life.


Tamsyn said...

Great interview! Like the excerpt on Moon Kissed.

s7anna said...

Hey J.A.,
That was a lovely interview!!! I'm sure you were beyond ecstatic about getting a pony...How cool was that!!! OMG I would've died if my 'rents had ever done something so freakin' awesome!!! Moving on... :P I am in total love with werewolves and shifters and when you toss in romance to the mix...I'm in reader heaven!!!

Thanks for the author recommendation...I have to get my hands on a couple of Patricia Briggs books now for sure!!!

The excerpt for Moon Kissed is very intriguing...I can't wait to read Adam and Kassia's sounds like there are going to be plenty of sparks flying as well as flaring tempers in the story b/c Kassia doesn't seem the type to just lay down and take an edict. I'm very eager to read your work as you are a new author for me. It's always a wonderful surprise to find someone new to read!!!

It was a pleasure to meet you today and I'll be sure to follow your upcoming online book tour (cool event by the way, gives us readers who can't go physically to most events a chance to partake in something a big THANKS for that!!!).

J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

Hey Tamsyn!

I'm glad you liked the interview and excerpts. ;)

And s7anna,

If you're store driven, and like fantasy/paranormal, you'll love Briggs. You'll have to let me know what you think!

I just wanted to let everyone know that A Kiss Before Dying and Moon Kissed are the only two stories in a first person narrative. My newest, Soft As Moonlight, is in third. I switched over for my erotica/romance because most people prefer to listen to the hero as well.

It's great to meet you both! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

Oh! And if you visit my website and click stories/excerpts, you can take a look at my other stories. ;)


Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to read the rest of your work!

Cari Quinn said...

Great interview, Wendi and Jaime! Moon Kissed sounds every bit as wonderful as your other releases, Jaime. Lucky for me I like 1st and 3rd person POVs just about equally. Regardless of POV, it's the author's voice who draws me in, and Jaime's is fantastic! :)

J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...


I love you.

That is all.

LOL, seriously. You do rock. I hope your weekend is going well (and the writing too!)


Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Thanks for stopping by Jamie! Loved the interview and hope you'll stop by again soon.


J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

Hey Wendi!!

Anytime! Thanks for having me! =D See you at TWRP!


Stacey Smith said...

Moon Kissed sounds intresting.I always wanted a pony to .never got mine glad somebody got theres.

Shawna Thomas said...

Hi again, Jaime.

I know, I'm late. Sorry.

What a wonderful interview. I love Patricia Briggs too! Adam... sigh, yeah, my favorite werewolf ever.

I cant' wait to read Moon Kissed!

J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

Hey Lynne!!

It's never to late to say hello! Thanks for dropping by.

I ADORE Adam Hauptman. He's my ultimate alpha male! *grin*