Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ever heard something that just made you laugh you buns off? I mean something too true it's hysterical?

I have two and I need to share because they are too funny. Thanks of course to M and K who told me.

"I had to explain the little squiggle over the n to my Spanish students. One means I am seventeen years old. The other way means I have seventeen butt holes."

I took more years of Spanish than I'd like to admit to, and this was too true. Then again, I once told my Spanish prof in college that I didn't have a spare tire in my car. I have no idea what he asked me, but I said no and everyone laughed. Thank Goodness I don't need too much Spanish right now or I'd be locked in the potty without a way out.

The second one... well... it fits me when certain people try to tell me something that's either A) really technical or B) they mumble.

"Hahahahahahaha... wait,... what?"

Yep. That's me. I think I know the joke and then I second guess or worse, I never got it in the first place. Yep. I get the "duh..." a lot.

But then again, there is the scene of the skunky dog running rampant through a house and everything in the house sorta wilting... I was so there. But as bad as it was, it was also funny cause at least she didn't actually run through the house (the stench did), and it wasn't my fault.

At least I have a sense of humor. Any funny things you heard recently? Let me know. I'm counting this as one of those times I really should be writing and instead am fooling around doing something innocuous like twiddling with a blog.


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