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Excerpt Tour : Inked Caffeine: Melrose and Vine by Monique Duclos

It's an excerpt tour and this time I'm featuring Inked Caffeine: Melrose and Vine by Monique Duclos. You'll want to keep reading because this looks like a great read. Plus, there are prizes. Like? Monique Duclos will be awarding a $15 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Want more chances to win? Then follow the tour. You can do that here:

Inked Caffeine: Melrose and Vine

Book 1 in the Inked Caffeine Series
By Monique Duclos

I was just your typical Starbucks barista without an interesting bone in my body. I liked to keep my head down and do my best to cruise through life uninterrupted, although my bright red hair made it almost impossible. Things took an interesting turn when I met Jimmy, an artist from the tattoo parlour down the street. Living and working in Hollywood, California, I met a lot of intriguing characters, but no one as intriguing as him. He brought a new light to my life that I didn't know I had, let alone one that I needed.

My past wasn't a great one, but I got out and made a new life for myself. And now, it felt like my future was looking better with Jimmy in it. I felt like life was finally worth living, until... everywhere you looked, something was on fire. The screaming was enough to make you go deaf and the scent of blood made you gag. My body was screaming in pain and I couldn't stop choking on all the smoke in the air. My lungs felt tight, and when I looked up, I couldn't decide if it was snowing or raining ashes. People were firing guns chaotically and I had never run so fast in my entire life. Jimmy jumped up to the roof of a parked car and I was quick to follow, bending over to catch my breath.

"Now where?" I panted.

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Now for an excerpt: 

Just then, there was a knock on the front windows and it made me jump. I looked up and saw the strange sugar addict, only this time, he was in workout clothes instead of his usual all black attire. Hopping off the counter, I walked over and unlocked the front door.

“Hey . . . you’re here . . . early,” I mumbled suspiciously, popping my head outside and looking both ways as if this was some sort of prank.

He arched a brow and leaned back out of my way, looking to his left and right as well.

“Yeah . . . what are you looking at?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I mumbled, taking a step back.

“So, what’s up? Why are you here so early? It’s not even 6:00 a.m. yet . . .” I stated.

He shrugged. “I don’t work today and was going for a run. Saw the lights on, so I figured I’d come get my morning coffee. Plus, I threw you off, didn’t I?” he asked, smirking a little bit.

I started laughing. “Yep. Y’did. Especially because I’m normally not here this early . . .”

“Can I be here this early? Is that allowed?” he asked.

I shrugged, turning and walking away and going back behind the counter, grabbing the remote to the radio and turning the music down a little bit.

“Sure, I don’t care. I don’t open for another half hour anyways . . .”

He stayed at the front door, standing awkwardly, and I laughed.

“C’moooon in,” I added, gesturing to the empty chairs before disappearing back into the kitchen to check on the muffins.

They still had a few minutes. Walking back out, I stood behind the counter and stared at him as he approached the counter. Today, he was wearing a dark grey sleeveless shirt which really emphasized how covered his arms were in tattoos, and knee-length shorts that showed how his entire left leg was covered in tattoos as well. Stopping at the counter, I frowned when he stuck his hand out and smiled.

About the Author:

Monique lives in Southern Ontario with her high school sweetheart and her two lop eared rabbits. When she’s not writing, she’s getting tattoos, dyeing her hair, or travelling. She is an avid concert-goer and has way too many houseplants.

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