Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Book Blast ~ Divorce Bucket List by Jennifer Harris


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Divorce Bucket List is a practical and heartfelt guide that effortlessly blends meaningful exercises and reflections with author Jennifer’s personal experiences through the trials and challenges of divorce. Written as a way to empower others to rebuild their lives as they work through the trauma of a divorce, this illuminating guide explores Jennifer’s harrowing journey through divorce, revealing her creation of her Divorce Bucket List – and how it helped her emerge into a happier, healthier, and more emotionally fulfilling chapter of her life.

Perfect for anyone who feels lost, alone, or broken as they struggle through divorce, Divorce Bucket List will help you rediscover yourself and your values, overcome your fear of the future, and learn to love again. With a blend of real-life anecdotes, reflections, and exercises to encourage you to apply a Divorce Bucket List to your unique situation, Jennifer’s story will inspire you to move past your divorce and make the most of this exciting new time in your life.

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Looking back on everything, it's clear to me that the process of going through a divorce is a complete journey. It can be a journey that ruins you, or it can be a journey that leads you to a brighter and stronger place in your life. For me, it started as a journey that almost ruined me. There were so many points where I found myself spiraling out of control. At times throughout my experiences in the divorce process, I couldn’t even recognize myself.

It’s important to give yourself grace, knowing that there may be a point in your journey where you go through downtimes and possibly even feel like things are spiraling out of control. Set an expectation for yourself that you know the divorce journey will not be easy and that at some point, you may even feel as if you are at rock bottom. Then know that you can rebuild from there. Your rock bottom might look different than mine. Your rock bottom might be one day crying in the bathtub with a glass of wine, or it might look like losing everything you've had—friends, family, finances, belongings, maybe even children for a little bit and having to start from scratch. But I need you to know that no matter where your spiral or rock bottom takes you, you are going to come back from it.

The only way a caterpillar turns into a butterfly is by becoming this disgusting, gooey mess inside of a cocoon. If a caterpillar can be completely broken down (literally, tissue is dissolved) and lose its entire identity—the only identity it knew all of its life—then go on to become this majestic, beautiful, flying creature, why can't you do the same? What happens to the caterpillar isn't as crazy as it sounds. It's the same thing that figuratively happens to us in our lives. There are often periods in life when we break down completely from the identity that we knew for ourselves … divorce is no exception.

About the Author:
Jennifer Harris is an author, speaker, divorce coach, and the creator of the Divorce Bucket List. After experiencing her own traumatic marriage and divorce, she went on to become a highly trained and certified Confidence & Transformation Divorce Coach. With over ten years of coaching experience, she’s passionate about sharing her story of the grief and trauma she experienced and how she developed the Divorce Bucket List to help her move forward. Jennifer is dedicated to inspiring others to achieve their desired outcomes through divorce and rebuild their lives to emerge from their separations into happier, healthier chapters of their lives. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her two wonderful boys.

For More Resources or To Work with Jenn: http://www.Divideguide.com

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