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Virtual Book Tour ~ Seductive Suspect by Thea Landen

It's a book tour and there are prizes to be won. Today, I'm featuring Thea Landen's book, Seductive Suspect. What's up for grabs? Thea Landen will be awarding a $20 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Want more chances to win? Then follow the tour and comment via rafflecopter. You can do that here: 

Seductive Suspect by Thea Landen


A murder mystery weekend goes awry when the guests start dying for real. Veronica is desperate to survive and escape, but can’t deny her growing attraction to Adam, the handsome man staying in the room next door. Can she trust his intentions, or has she wound up in the arms of a cold-blooded killer?


Now for an Excerpt!

The crisp mountain air no longer felt so cold. Heat spread over my body. His head ducked down, and he captured my mouth in a gentle kiss. Soft lips pressed against mine. I melted farther into his embrace. His tongue slid forward, and I welcomed it, reveling in his sweet taste.

I ran my hands over his shoulders and laced my fingers behind his neck. Lost in his kiss, I pretended we were two normal people surrounded by beautiful scenery, doing nothing more than succumbing to a mutual attraction in one exhilarating moment. Even if something terrible happened to me later on, I could say I chose happiness over fear.

Our kiss grew more fervent, and his grip on me tightened. I let out a small whimper when he pulled away, but he beamed at me.

“Stay with me tonight,” he said.

The edge in his voice sent a shiver through me, although my cheeks burned hot.

“Since we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, let’s be together now.”

A tremble shook my knees, and I was glad his strength supported me. Several tiny wisps of doubt flitted through the back of my mind, yet my desire for him overpowered them.

“Okay,” I said, the single word all I managed to get out.

Adam took me by the hand and led me toward his room. I floated across the balcony behind him in a dreamy haze. Once he opened the door, though, all semblances of tenderness disappeared.

Now for an Interview with Thea Landen!

1. Describe yourself in three words.

Fun. Organized. Sarcastic. (But I really am fun and organized, that wasn’t sarcasm.)

2. Cast your book. Tell us who would play the main characters in a movie and why.

Seductive Suspect has a large cast, so I’ll try to stick to the characters with the most screen time.

Veronica – I’ll admit I haven’t seen a ton of Sophia Bush’s work, but she matches both the physical description I wrote and what I had in my head for my main character. And from what I have seen, I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch for her to capture Veronica’s personality.

Adam – Our dashing hero will be played by Ashton Kutcher. I want someone who can be suave and charming, and who can do both silly and serious when needed.

Victor – I’ve been watching reruns of Frasier in the evenings every now and then, and in one episode, Victor Garber played his butler. Obviously, this episode influenced me, as I chose to name the butler in this mystery after him. So why not have Victor Garber play him as well?

Laura – Originally, I thought of a young Christina Hendricks for the sexy librarian character, but then I examined my influences again and realized I’d probably been thinking of Laura Prepon back when I first started writing (hence the name). But she has to have red hair again!

Isabel – Hmm, this one’s a little tricky. If we’re going based on physical description, Anna Kendrick is a close match. Her characters are often a bit more bubbly than quiet, nervous Isabel, but I think she’d be able to play the part well enough.

Paul – When I think of a kind of burly, good-natured guy who likes to have fun, Chris Pratt comes to mind. I won’t spoil anything here, but there are a few places where having someone like Chris Pratt could help lighten an otherwise dark scene.

Dylan – I struggle with this casting as well. I’m leaning towards Jared Leto, as my qualifiers are 1) shaggy hair, and 2) generally acting like a smarmy asshole while occasionally having a more virtuous moment every now and then. Yep, Jared Leto works.

3. What’s your favorite love scene from a movie?
I’ll go a little esoteric and pick the love scene from The Wings of the Dove. I was a little lukewarm on the movie until around the halfway point, when Helena Bonham Carter starts scheming, and then I was hooked. A well-done sex scene that didn’t fade to black was just the icing on the cake. I find both Helena Bonham Carter and Linus Roache attractive people, and that scene didn’t leave anything to the imagination. Highly enjoyable. HIGHLY.

4. What’s your wildest fantasy?
Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. OH, that’s right, we’re talking about my books and other erotically romantic things. Let’s see…I love the water, so I’m picturing a moonlit picnic on a secluded beach, and the breeze gets colder and colder, and my partner and I need to find a way to keep warm under the stars. Mmm, yes, that sounds good. I need to write that.

5. If you were to lose one of your senses, which would you rather lose and why?
Assuming I could still taste things even though they’re closely connected, I’ll go with losing my sense of smell. Sight, hearing, and touch seem far more important, and I’d still like to be able to taste things like cheesecake. Also, it seems that you’re more likely to smell something unpleasant than with any of the others, so I might as well ditch that.

6. What is the naughtiest thing you did as a kid?
Lied about the amount of homework I had. All the time. Allllllllllll the time. I still managed to get good grades, and other that, I was kind of a goody two shoes.

Quickies ~ Because it's fun when it's Fast!

Boxers or Briefs?
Either boxers or boxer-briefs. No tighty-whities for me!

Top or Bottom?
Bottom. Unless you’re making a ranked list of awesome people, in which case, I’m at the top.

Pajamas or nude?
Definitely pajamas. They’re a fun way to show off some personality, and I have an issue with my armpits touching things when I sleep. I can’t even sleep in sleeveless tops. Now THERE’S a quirk for you.

Hairy chests or smooth?
Hair, all the way. If you don’t have enough for me to run my fingers through, you can move right along.

Alpha or Beta?

Umm…if we’re talking about real life situations, beta, because I don’t have time to deal with all that posturing bullshit. But if we’re living out my wildest fictional fantasies, then alpha, of course!


About the Author:
Thea Landen lives in New York with her husband and two children. She strives to encourage creativity and passion in all those around her, and uses writing to help inspire. Though she reads and writes in nearly all genres, she has a special fondness for science fiction, fantasy, and adventure and anything that pushes the imagination beyond its usual limits. When she’s not writing, or thinking about writing, her hands and mind are occupied by either yarn crafts or role-playing games.

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