Sunday, September 14, 2014

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - Week Two

It's week two already. Whew! The games this week have had some great moments, some messy ones and some great quotes!!! Absolutely. But before we get to this week's quotes, let's get to the Honorable Mentions!

"Nice slant."
When she bends over like that, it is a nice view.

"Stunt inside here."
Is this a nickname?

"Both going down on the same play."
Sounds like play by play for dating.

"A nice pair to draw to."
Someone's talking about a lady's chest. Or a guy's balls.

"Incredibly mobile."
She does get around.

Snicker. I've gotten a little dirtier this time around, but to be fair...they were dirty this week, too. Here are the quotes of the week!

"One guy trying to get him just doesn't work."
Yes, he gets into multiples.

"Come around and come around."
Okay, we got the point...twice.

"Riding it out."
And she loved every minute of it.

"Pretty much straight up."
Now we're discussing positions.

"Isn't it nice to have a tight end like that?"
Yes, it is.

"A little looper."
Um...what did he DO with it?

"Dumped it right in behind him."
Snort. Pictures please?

And now for the Doozy of the Week...Yeah, they went there.

"These guys are brilliant pros."
Well, I'd certainly hope so. That's what they get paid the big bucks for. 

My Bengals won 24-10 against the Falcons. It was a hard-fought battle with a few injuries, but a win is a win. 2 and 0 looks pretty darn good.

Thanks for reading and stay turned for next week's quotes. :-)

Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0
via Wikimedia Commons

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