Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Review ~ Sin With Cuffs by Rhonda Lee Carver

I've read some fun books in my time, but I thought I'd share what I thought about Sin With Cuffs, by my dear friend and fellow author, Rhonda Lee Carver. I was given her book in exchange for an honest review.

I can honestly say I loved this book. Liam and Holly are intriguing characters that I needed to know more about. These are two people a reader can relate to. They have flaws and weaknesses, but those make them both stronger. I felt the sparks fly from the first time Holly and Liam meet. I rooted for them from the beginning and was so glad I got to take this ride with them. There is a healthy dose of heat, but there's also a good mystery as well. I won't get into too many details because I want you to read this book, too, but let me say, I'm glad I read Sin With Cuffs. I couldn't put the book down and will be on the look out for more by Ms Carver.

Want to know more about Sin with Cuffs? Here's a little bit about the book:

When Holly comes back to her hometown, the last thing she wants is to connect with her old flame, Liam, who is now Chief of Police. When someone in town wants Holly gone, Liam vows to protect her. One thing leads to another, and soon Holly finds herself full of craving for a man in uniform. Resisting the burning desire becomes torture, and neither is strong enough to deny the temptation. Wrapped in a cloak of heat and passion, things begin to unfold.

Holly has a reputation for being a “bad girl.” Is it all in rumor, or does it hold a sliver of truth? Liam swears he’ll never forgive her for breaking his heart years ago, yet he’ll do anything to keep her safe. Soon he finds something far more dangerous than murder and suspense…he realizes he is still in love with Holly. Can he trust her?

Holly can have it all—delicious man, lovely home and a stable future for only a small price…she must let go of the past. Is loving Liam enough?
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