Friday, January 27, 2012

Flirty Friday!

Thought I'd share a snippet from my upcoming suspense novella, Over My Head. Here's the blurb:
What happens when two opposites realise they have more in common than expected?

I’m a dancer…and a damn good one. I work at the Silver Steel Gentlemen’s Club. My hard and fast rule? No freebies and no office dating. Except for Slade. Hard, fast, slow, gentle...I don’t care. I’ll take him any way possible. But he’s not that into me.

Or so she thinks. I’m a bouncer at the Silver Steel. Astra doesn’t realise I see her—I can’t help myself. She captivates me every time she’s on the stage. I want her, but I have a...problem. I’m not at the Steel to pick up chicks or even work the room. I’m there to stop the influx of drugs into the community. Yeah, I’m a cop. But if the job means sampling the dancers... Well, as long as I keep my heart out of it, I’ll be fine.

I hope.

Reader Advisory: This book has a kick ass hero, a dancer with all the right moves, hot sex, a little mutual anal play for good measure and mention of drug use.

Here's a Flirt for you:

Astra bit her tongue, waiting until they stood in the lobby to respond. “You don’t want to date me. I mean, come on…a stripper girlfriend? That’s out of some sappy romance novel or something.” She turned away from Slade to hide her emotions. Okay, so she had a soft spot for romance novels and happy endings. “Walk me to my door?”
“I am what I am.” He shrugged and followed her up the steps. “I’m in two-twelve if you get lonely, by the way.”
“Then we’re just about neighbours. I’m in two-twenty-six.” She came to a stop in front of her door. As much as she wanted to stretch out in bed, the enticing idea of stretching out next to him in bed sounded so much more fun…more sinful. She shook the thought from her head. He hadn’t asked her over for sex, just a simple invitation if she was lonely.
“I guess this is goodnight.” Slade smoothed a lock of hair off her cheek. Something akin to a dreamy look filled his eyes for a moment. He inched closer to her. Flecks of gold and green shimmered in his irises.
Was he going to kiss her? Her body screamed hello, yes! But her heart remained guarded. Too much faith in the wrong person could be deadly. Still, she wanted that kiss…his kiss. The heat in the hallway kicked up to somewhere in the oh baby range and sent prickles along her skin. Yes, she needed his kiss.
Slade smiled then strolled down the hallway, leaving her alone with her thoughts. Damn. She had thought for sure he was going to kiss her. Astra shoved her key into her lock and nudged the door open.
A rush of cold air swirled around her. Odd. The apartment shouldn’t be cold. It should be hotter than the hallway. Astra rubbed her arms and stepped into the apartment. Snow lay glistening on the windowsills and window seat. She tipped her head. Who had opened the window? She shivered and glanced at her things. The couch remained in its place, but the cushions were askew, some on the floor. Her plants—a collection of spider plants and ferns—weren’t in their pots. Dirt splattered around where they had once sat.
Occasionally sloppy, she never left the apartment a total shambles. Who else had a key? Her stomach clenched and she couldn’t breathe. Tiny.
She needed to get out. Needed to run. She turned on her heel and ran smack into a wall of solid flesh. The person grabbed her by the arms—a man, she assumed, based on his size and the tangy scent of his thick cologne and body odour. She couldn’t see his face because of the stocking cap over his eyes.
“Remember the rules,” the man growled. “Quiet girls are safe girls.”
She nodded, afraid to do anything else. The man raised a gun and aimed at her. The blood drained from her face and pounded through her veins. Now she needed to run and hide, but hell…her feet wouldn’t move. A strangled cry ripped from her throat and the thunder of gunfire ricocheted through the apartment.
Astra dropped to her knees as the room faded to black. All I wanted to do was be home.

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Unknown said...

Hello Wendi. I loved the story. A kick ass hero, hot dancer, and hot sex... what more could you ask for? Thanks for sharing... it did make my heart race. Can't wait to read more. I hope you have a nice day.