Friday, August 26, 2011

Flirty Friday ~ Updates and Stuff ~ Where I'll Be

So this whole business with the hurricane, and justifiably so, is crazy serious. It's gonna get bad if things go the wrong direction.

The businesswoman in me says that if you're gonna hunker down, why not load down the nook, kindle, ereader with my books? Gives you something to do while being in safety.

The mother in me says, just make sure you stay safe. Find somewhere that hopefully won't blow away, get soaked and make sure you have lots of drinking water and food and blankets and batteries.

You're in my thoughts.

But if you aren't in the path of the hurricane and have nothing to do...

Please Remember Me is out in print and getting rave reviews. Pick up copies of Ever Fallen in Love and What Might Have Been while you're at it. And do enjoy!

Savin' Me comes out in September (the 12th!) in the Treble Anthology from Total-E-Bound. It's my first time in an anthology, so I'm stoked.

Tomorrow I'll be over at Whipped Cream's Yahoo loop chatting. Come check it out. Random prizes all day, Nook/Kindle/$150 GC up for grabs. Megan's chatting on Sunday so yeah, you should be there.

I've got my usual huge load of WIPs going. Gypsy's story got a huge bump when Allan and Todd finally told me their stories. Thanks, guys.

And, I signed the contract this week for When You're With Me. Yup, the stripper and the third Crawford Boys book, (it's a side story to Right and Please) comes out in March of 2012 (wow that seems to close yet so far away) from Total-E-Bound.

I turned in the Greek, so we'll see what happens to him.

Have a great weekend, stay dry, read, and check out the chats!

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