Saturday, March 27, 2010

Up or Down?

Sometimes you just gotta ask the dumb question.

Toilet seat up or down? Or don't you care...

Now the reason I ask is that I live in a male dominated household. (No not Megan's--don't let her fool you, she rules her roost.)

Every time I head to the loo, the seat is up. Early on in my marriage, I had a fit about this very issue. It drove me crazy.

What about now?

Meh. Doesn't necessarily bother me now because I'm conditioned to put the flippin' seat down. Don't get me wrong, I've fallen in enough times to count, but geez.

Now why do I bring this up? Because I've never seen or read a romance that wasn't a "comedy" (I'm talking film with that), where the man leaves the seat up and she falls in. I don't know about you, but I appreciate realism in my romance. Yes, I know the idea of romance (I don't subscribe to this totally, mind you) is to be a fantasy. The idea is to take the reader out of her/his normal life and show them something that's the stuff of dirty dreams.


I agree to an extent, but then again, I can respect the idea of the guy farting, burping (or her for that matter), snoring (and not lightly), and leaving the seat up.

Am I wrong? Yes and no. There are those purists who will say that a hero doesn't do anything that isn't heroic.

Thanks, but no thanks. I find that a tad stifling.

I'm going back to my snoring, burping, farmer who sweats cause he does work and isn't dainty.


Marianne Arkins said...

Funny you should ask. I IM'd C~ the other day and asked her if it was rude to have my hero pull off the side of the road to "take a leak" (his words).

Cuz...yanno... REAL LIFE. Right?

makenwords said...

Frankly, I like humor and you gotta admit sometimes our bodies cause us quite a bit of humor and embarrassement. But, I for one want the bathroom to be off-limits. I'm tired of seeing TV programs where someone flushes, farts, or does all those other bathroom things, it seems to take away from the story and is added as a cheap humor when they couldn't come up with anything else. So, my vote - a tad bit of body humor sometimes, bathroom humor um, nope.

Kaily Hart said...

I think it's just like anything else. It has to fit the story and characters and somehow move things along. I have read a couple of books where the toilet seat up/down was mentioned. I can see where some readers don't want that line to be crossed though.
Me? My hubby conditioned to leave it down. He's outnumbered by females at our house. But if it's up? I don't care. It was down to start with and he had to lift it up so I figure I can put it down. I've just learned to look. EVERY SINGLE TIME :).