Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Random Musings

Over the past week, a ton happened. I know it seemed like I was around.

I wasn't.

Where was I? No I won't make you play a game of where's Waldo. I went to Bristol to watch the NASCAR races. And yes, it was a blast. I love NASCAR (like you can't tell) and being in Thunder Valley. I walked on the track and "Got driver rubber". Get your head out of the gutter. There is ripped/shredded tire rubber on the track and yes, we filched some.

At the same time, I turned in my farmer. That part wasn't so great. I know, I know, there are the highs and lows of publishing. And I know that 1-3% of stories will be contracted. Still, to be told that the story is good, the emotion is great and the interior is fab... but it's not what we want... that took a little brave facing. You know, put the brave face on it, take it on the chin... okay, enough cliches. Still.

I also found out that my vampire story is with the editor. No clue what will come of that. I want to get my hopes up, but gravy, I don't need any more Milk Chocolate Milano cookies. (Yeah, that's my weapon of choice when I get a rejection.)

But anyway, I'm back to blogging, reviewing (cause I'm way behind), and twiddling with my NASCAR story. Oh yeah, it's about a driver and yes, I got some major inspiration at the track, tough part is that it was a submission and was all done, but it wasn't at all ready when I subbed it. It will be one of these days.


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