Thursday, February 4, 2010

Red Hot Reads for February

Thought I might share some of the reads I enjoyed this past month. You should definitely check them out.

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Cowboy Trouble by Joanne Kennedy
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery

Sometimes running away from your troubles is the worst thing you can do, but it brings the greatest rewards. What happens when you have more than one man interested in helping you find your happily ever after and you can’t choose? Now throw in a crazy or two for flavoring. You have one heck of a problem. Sound interesting? Then you need to read Cowboy Trouble

Lick of Frost by JA Saare
Publisher: Amira Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Holiday

Ever wanted something so much it hurt? Ever wanted something so much you did get hurt, only to lose out? And when you tried to rectify the issue, you got burnt worse? Then you need to read Lick of Frost. This is one story that stays with you long after the last page.
Renegade by Catherine Mann
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary,,9781101195109,00.html?Renegade_Catherine_Mann

Ever find that one person who just completes you? You can’t explain the attraction and you don’t want to lose the connection. You just want to be with that person. What happens when you’re in the middle of tracking a killer, and the man of your dreams literally drops into your turf? Read Renegade and find out.

SEALed with a Ring by Mary Margaret Daughtridge
Publisher: Source Books Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary

Sometimes life hands you more than you can handle. When you find out what you’re made of, you realize it was never that hard to deal after all. Such is the story of SEALed with a Ring.

Taming the Beast by Heather Grothaus
Publisher: Zebra Historical
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Paranormal

Who can handle a man who is scarred? Who can deal with an independent woman? Add a small child to the mix. What have you got? Taming the Beast.

The Carpenter and the Fairy by Cassandra Gold
Publisher: Phaze
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday

Can opposites attract? If they attract, can they have a sustained relationship? You can wonder no longer. Read The Carpenter and The Fairy and find out.


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