Friday, May 22, 2009

Red Hot Reads Part Four

Here are my picks for the Red Hot Reads. I know, I know... this is a little early. i usually post these a the end of the month, but, I am attending the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together this year and I probably won't remember to post these or my eye candy. That's what happens when time is of the essence. Enjoy and vist the publishers, a bookstore or your local library to get more information.

Caught! - Lori Foster - Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
What if you found out that the company you poured your life into wasn’t all yours and your life was in danger? What if you found your lover with another lover in your own bed? What would you do? Read Caught! to see what Virginia and Dillon and Sara and Gavin do to correct the situations.
You want a sexy read that’s fun? Then pick up a novel by Lori Foster. In this two for one novel, Ms. Foster writes with her heart and conscience. Her characters are amusing and their issues are real and relatable. You can’t go wrong with this novel.
Defender - Catherine Mann - Berkley Sensation
What do you do when you see a beautiful woman trapped in shark-infested water? Rescue her, but under no circumstances should you fall for her, unless you happen to be test pilot Jimmy Gage and she happens to be USO performer Chloe Nelson. If that’s the case, then you’d better expect trouble – delicious, sexy trouble. Such is the case for Chloe’s Defender.

Healing Luke - Beth Cornelison - Sourcebooks - Casablanca
Things happen for a reason, whether it’s a chance meeting, a dropped grocery item, or an explosion. It’s what we do with those chances that makes or breaks our lives. That’s the story of Healing Luke.

Maverick - Lora Leigh - St. Martin’s Paperbacks
He’s in for vengeance for the family he lost. She’s recovering from the worst deception and personal injury imaginable. When they come together, it’s magic, it’s scary, but it’s totally worth the thrill-ride. But when lies and words left unsaid bring them together, what will break them apart? Find out in Lora Leigh’s Maverick.

Sports Beats: Rock Hard Seduction - Tonya Ramagos - Siren Publishing
He’s a drummer for a popular metal band and he’s a hockey fan. She’s a photographer who gave up her life to care for her father suffering from Alzheimer’s. What’s she supposed to do when the sexy drummer berates her professional hockey player brother? Give him hell, of course! Want to know more? Then read Sports Beats: Rock Hard Seduction.
Out of Control - Julie Miller - Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.
Want a romance that intertwines the best of drag racing and heart pounding love? Then grab a copy of Out of Control, by Julie Miller. Your heart and adrenaline will race!
Scandalous - Lori Foster - Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
What happens when two headstrong people decide to get together? Sparks fly, although the attraction isn't instantaneous. What happens when the same people realize they’re meant to be? Well, that’s Scandalous.
Lori Foster writes characters that everyone can relate to because the characters are real. They have the same problems you and I might have and end up with sexy love interests to tangle with. Her work is always upbeat and refreshing. She takes tried and true real-life issues and makes them unique. These two stories in one are no exception.


Unknown said...

I see you're going to Lori Foster's event again. I can't this year but I so want to. I already handed in my vacation slip for June 2010 so I can be there so I hope you'll be there again then. I'm just going to hand in my vacation slips a year in advance to go if I have to.

Let me clear out my aol mail so we can get together on critiquing. This computer's sort of working. The repair shop sent it back withOUT Microsoft Word so hubby's fighting with them to put it back on.

Have a great Memorial Day and let me know how Lori's event goes. Of course we'll be talking before. I'm dying not going this year, unless hubby tells me last minute I can afford plane fair for just a weekend which I doubt. I think that's also the weekend of the daughter's softball tournament which he expects me to take her to.

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

That's how it goes. I can't wait, but will be sad not to see you. Bummer.

Can't wait to get back to critting with you. I gave Coming Home another round and changed it a bit. I think it's much better.

Hope your holiday was good. Mine was pretty okay.

Wish you'd be there, but can't wait for nect year. : )

Let me know when you're ready to go!